Arcade versions that lack voices?

lately, i’ve heard that ALL the local arcade versions of 3s lack some voices in some parts. some examples:

Makoto SA1
Shoto DP and hadoken
Yun intro

this sounds extremely weird to me that i don’t find these in any vids.
can someone explain what this is? is this a new arcade revision? a bootleg?
an option to disable voices?

i’m thinking about getting a 3s PCB here, but not until i know what this junk is about.

I’m far from certain, but thought that I remembered hearing that the Asian version (seperate from the Japanese version) of 3s had some kind of sound glitches. Don’t know which sounds were supposedly glitched though. Would appreciate if someone with solid info could confirm, or correct me, though.

As far as I know, the Asian version specifically removed all Japanese language samples. Non-Japanese samples (ie. English and German) were kept intact. Not sure if Chun-Li’s few Chinese language samples were kept… I bet they were.

what the heck? why would they do that?

Like JinraiPVC said in Asian revision all japanese voices are switched to some “humm !” or “hhyyaa !” and stupid stuff like that. This weird thing isn’t exceptional. It’s the same thing with some Made in Korea MVS cart (like KOF 98).

As for why they would do that… maybe they’re still pissed about WW2.

well this sucks. the local players actually think it’s broken and that it’s a shit version, like they were trying to save on filesize. :l

I also noticed that too when 3s was first released here. I thought this version was only in the philippines. Got that leaveal!

Also the bug with chuns sa2, the one where you block all of the hits then get hit with last kick and you’ll get huge damage.

That’s not a bug. When Chun’s SA2 connects normally, damage gets scaled massively by the 17th hit. To make up for this, Capcom made that last hit do lots of damage on its own so that it would be scaled down to the damage they want it to do. If all you get hit by is the last hit, you’ll naturally take big damage by accident.

Blame the scaling system.

No, it’s a bug I think, and it’s not in all games. I remember seeing a vid where dude fucked up the last parry, and took 50% damage or something.

I think it was an Obot clip? i dunno.