Arcade vs Home

Where do you prefer to play?
I personally love playing in a real arcade and being able to interact with you opponent more personally

Home…so I don’t have to smell your B.O.

I find that part of the experience xD

If I could, arcade. Mos Def.

i like the arcade to meet people then have better sessions at my, or their place plus its free

Fuck arcades

why drop $60 to get some games when i can play at home with friends or online against randoms without killing a 20$

plus i do not have to deal with the bo, the bad attitudes, and the losers

Ideally I’d choose arcade. There’s just something about arcade cabs, especially the old stand-up cabs, that get the blood pumping and adrenaline racing, that you don’t really get with the standard console home setup. I used to be an arcade disciple and didn’t give a lumpy shit about console or PC gaming. But arcades in the US are basically extinct, except for a few lucky exceptions. So the only real arcades left are in Asia, and their cabinets are sit-down and set up Battleship-style instead of side-by-side. It’s a more relaxed setting where you don’t get the same opponent interaction. So the only difference between arcade and online is less lag and a lot more cigarette smoke and BO. The only advantage left for arcades are deluxe cabs and equipment, like playing Sega Rally or Outrun in a miniature car replica, or a gun game with realistic-but-neon-pink plastic rifle.

Arcades are a dying breed (or are already dead in most of the world), and they aren’t living up to their potential because there’s no reason to anymore. So by default, the best choice is the home console. Kind of makes me sad but what can ya do.

its a greater feeling to whoop someone in arcade. it makes matches more meaningful

Is this, like, a “let’s see how many shitty GameFAQs-style pointless-ass topics we can post” day? I missed a memo.

Dr. B gets every memo in the universe.

arcade, that way the opponent can’t dc! XD

Prefer home. Now when I was a kid, I enjoyed going to arcades. But I’m older, arcade scene is generally very weak, and it seems like everytime I do go to an arcade, the cabs are f’ed up. Also I don’t enjoy having greasy residue on my hands after going to the arcades. Oh and the people with bad personal hygiene seems to flock to the arcades, take a shower you hot topic virgins.

Home never closes so I can game whenever, and there’s far less chance of catching a stray bullet cuz 2 uncivilized niggas are having an argument.

Arcades. I just like the ambience of it all; it makes a match seem more important when you’re playing somewhat at an arcade than when you’re sitting on your couch. But I don’t really go to them much.

I haven’t seen a (real) arcade in ages. This wouldn’t be a problem if the distributors/operators haven’t overcharged our entertainment to hell and back.

No versus thread…

Walk out, act like nothing even happened. Dont look back. Real life version of a disconnect.

I agree with this one. I remember when I was a kid I was at Chuckie Cheese and they had a MvC2 arcade machine there. I played against some dude and after he lost he thru a fit lol I don’t want to deal with that. I prefer at home with a fight stick or controller, and going over a friend’s house to play online.

I wish more of my friends played MvC2:(

They both have their pros & cons. Online play though is good to at least consistently find other players. Especially since arcades are dead, seems like most players would rather not bother taking a fruitless trip to their local arcades(that still exist) only to find an empty scene, and just jump online.