DIY Custom Acryl Arcade Fight Stick

The german “god of arcadeparts” is now selling a DIY Custom Acryl Arcade Fight Stick case.

The empty case costs 129,-€ and you can buy it here:
Some weeks ago i picked up a prototype for a test and review and put in some buttons, stick, artwork and LEDs:

129 Euros or 167.47 US dollars?

Don’t get me wrong laser cut acrylic cases look nice, but I could afford a Wooden Foe hammer or Project Giant Sword case for that amount.
If its any more I just go to B15.

To be fair, these cases are very solid and have metal panels. I think if the aesthetics appeal to you then they’re well worth it, but they’re not budget cases by any means.

They look beautiful…but 167$ USD?! I just can’t bring myself to buy a case for that much…

Guess it depends on your budget and what it is you’re looking for…

But yeah, price was one of the reasons that I never picked up a Tek case.

That and I was satisfied with the mass-market designs. It’s also not that hard to get a retro-style case for $50 or less if you wait, look, and don’t overpay for it!

I agree. But if I am paying $160+ for a case, I want it to be built like a tank.
To me Wood is a better alternative to laser cut acrylic. A good wooden case to me has this noise muffling quality that makes you realize this is a Solid case and not some hollow plastic or sheet metal.
If I want plastic, I just hack some budget stick and call it a day.

Material costs in Germany must be insane. Even with a metal panel, something like that shouldn’t cost over $50 more than your average TEK case.

Looks great, though. Might be interested if there were a six button option.

Looks pretty solid but perhaps the price isn’t that great.

Pretty sure they’ll cut you whatever layout you want - I made a few enquiries a couple of weeks ago and this was a possibility.

May I get credit for the New Versus City top panel art, since that’s based on my original?

I suspect some of the cost of this derives from the fact that they get their acrylic cut externally, while someone like Art has their own laser cutter.

This could also be part of the cost indeed, I would imagine that shipping would to the states would bring the price up quite a bit as well. So you are looking at probably about $200 USD.

It’s a nice stick, but I’m in the camp of if you’re spending that much money, hit up FoeHammer and get a wood case.

I agree with ya.

A Tek Case is only $58 and that is also laser cut acrylic. The 2 thin sheets of sheet metal the Arcade Forge DIY case has does not justify the $167.47 (129 €) pricetag.
Even if Arcade Forge has an outside contractor doing the laser cutting for them, I still can’t justify that price.

I can get a DIY Foe Hammer case as cheap as $84.

I honestly think this “market will bear” attitude of some vendors and merchants needs to end.

That practice is the reason very a few European vendors are so overpriced compared to their US, Canadian and Korean Counterparts who have more competitive pricing.
That attitude is also why so many sticks on eBay and Amazon is so overpriced.

cool looking case, would be cooler if made from a single block acrylic instead of stacked but those screws are kinda sad for that price point, on the top panel they are some galvanized “-” and stainless “+” and on the side some galvanized "+"
shouldn’t they give you all high quality stainless allen screws for a case of that price? galvanized screws will rust and the bluish tint made them look cheap (they are cheap).