House of the Dead 4 vids

What the hell happend to Arcademongogo?

Anyway I miss a good link for chapter 2 & 3 of the House of the Dead 4 vids. Anyone have 'em saved by any chance? If possible could all the original files from arcademongogo HOTD4 run uploaded ? That would save my day :frowning:

For the Nicovideo vids, you’ll need a username and pass, get them here:

(As you can see for some reason japanese text is flying through the vids of the Nicovideo vids of HOTD4, that’s why I am requesting this)

The House of the Dead 4
Chapter 1 [media=youtube]4jyOGX67BjQ[/media]
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 [media=youtube]ZIiEiApW7_I[/media]
Chapter 5 [media=youtube]YYzf6WiXZl8[/media]
Chapter 6 [media=youtube]0nS-S2qh0eE[/media]
Ending [media=youtube]ZfIXf7EaYKk[/media]

You can turn off the japanese text, all you do is click the “Comment” box next to the sound and the comments go away.


Does no one know what happend to