Arcades and names

I was just thinking that arcades are probably the only places (besides forums) where you can know people for years and still not know their names. :wonder: I know most marvel players by the teams they play. Its always “you kno the guy that works for NJ Transit and runs all day with cable/doom/cyke.” But I have been making an effort to get to know people by name now. I think that everyone should. No one in NY or NJ knows me as imperfectcell, they all know me as Odis.

So this is my introduction to SRK.

Name: Odis Clemons

From: Newark, NJ

Description: 5’7 black guy, usually in an army uniform. hates losing

Games: MVC2, XvsSF

Teams played: Mvc2 - Iron Man/Sentinel/Spiral, Duc, MSP
XvsSF - Ryu/Rogue, Magneto/Juggernaut

Arcades you’ll see me at: New York - CTF, Port Authority
New Jersey - 8 on the break pinball
Philly - University pinbal

we have regional forums and arcade specific threads in those forums for this sort of thing.

University Pinball


New Jersey thread