Arcades in houston

Where are all the good arcades in houston located at? I looking for a place that has a good variety of 2d fighters where skilled people play and some vf4(if anyone stills play) action. Thanks

You should post this in the Houston thread. Planet zero is the arcade you should be going to andcheck out their website. I dunno if they have vf5 yet.?

Only arcade with good competition is Planet Zero. There is a Regional tournament this weekend.

You will not find a VF4 machine in this town lol. Not even John won’t put his copy of Final Tuned up at PZ. As far as VF5 is concerned I’d be really surprised if John got it in, considering it’s only out there for rental only.

Funny thing is John put VF4FT in tonite.

yeah I posted that before I saw it at PZ lol.