Arcades in japan?

Which are the best arcades in Japan for 3s? And, most important, HOW to reach them?
I’m particulary interested about arcades in Tokyo.

Also, where does Daigo play? KO? KSK? Boss? RX? Raoh? Izu? YSB? TK? Fujiwara? Mester? Ohnuki? Sugiyama? Pino? Ryo-chin? Remi-oh? Chikyuu? BAS? Match? Spellmaster-J? Onanism? Ino? Sekido? Matsuda?

BAS doesn’t play 3s

yes he does, i have a vid somewhere of him playing akuma

he may have just joined that tourney (zenkoku cup) for the hell of it, but he only plays ggxx and cvs2 (not as much) now.

BAS plays 3S on rare occasions. For example he played 3S at last years Evolution and even made it out of his pool.

He plays a decent game with Akuma(and Ken.) but openly admits he’s not all that good at 3S, as a matter of fact when I was talking to him back at the hotel after Evo2k3 was over he went as far as to say that he’s “Douche Bag Scrub” when it comes to 3S. :lol:

I know that BAS dosen’t play 3S much, I just put him because he’s another player I’d like to see whenever I’ll get money to go to Japan…

You can play most of these guys at MORE in Shinjuku. The best comp in Tokyo is probably there and at Game-Newton in Itabashi. Matsuda and Izu aren’t from Tokyo, so I don’t know where they play.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
This was the kind of answare I was looking for.

Is reaching MORE easy?

Yeah it’s easy, Shinjuku is in the middle of the city and it’s only a couple of minutes’ walk from the subway station. Just make sure you take the right exit, I can’t remember its name right now but it’s the one in front of that building with the huge tv screen.