Arcades in London

Are they even worth going to? What days are good? PSN is so bad, very few players are good and not covered in sea salt. I’m actually not great on the stick since I be lazy and use the pad, but I’d rather lose in an arcade than just receive a bunch of inbox messages from bad players.

Well, I don’t live there, but last time I went there on my holidays, I went to the Trocadero I believe it’s called. A mall like thing in Chinatown.

Was pretty cool. They had SSF2T, 3S and a SFIV cabinet. That was a little over a year ago.

EDIT: Also, there’s a thread just like yours a few posts below.

Thanks. Oh yeah, I saw it. It’s a couple years old though, nobody seems to be replying to each other lol. Was it okay? The last arcade I went to was dead, or maybe nobody in that area liked Tekken cause there was no SF there.

Look on, a lot of london arcade people go on there.