Arcades in madrid


perdona me, no hay viajado a Madrid para 3 o 4 anos (y tambien no tengo acientos espanoles aqui en mi PC)… pero la tristesa as que… no hay nada por arcade en Madrid, creo :shake:

verdad? en marzo me voy a madrid por un anho…donde estan los jugadores?!

Arcade scene is pretty dead in Spain… I live in Barcelona and there are ocassional small tournaments but nothing really worth noticing.

Yup, I think the last major arcade was Picadilly in Gran via and it closed a while ago. Pretty sad, in my opinion, I had a major blast playing kof98 back there :frowning:

I think there is some street3 players and CVS2 players there, i’ve already met CVS2 spanish players in France.
If you want more competition, you’ll have the opportunity to get more versus in France.