Arcades in Stockton California 209


UPDATE: 6/23/15 a lot has changed since the last owner left the place. I came to an agreement to buy half of his games because he got kicked out of his old location. My family now runs the arcade, i try my best to have the best games and keep them working. We had to get rid of some games and got new games over the time. please do stop by and support us.

Hello ppl, I’m new to the forums, anyways i made this thread so that ppl can know where to play fighting games n such or list local arcades in Stockton or nearby…

There is this one arcade in stockton at a fleamarket that opens saturdays and sundays and has a nice line up of figthing games. Ive been playing here since I was 8, arcade has had 3 different owners,(New 4th owner as of February 2012) got to know the current owner and now I’m the tech. The place doesn’t really have a name but there is a billboard sorta like on the outside and it says ICE COLD SODAS, they got snacks and drinks for sale. No candy cabs, all American woody cabs but they work. its very easy to find and its on the back side of the fleamarket right when you enter on your right.

Here is the address…
2542 S El Dorado St
Stockton, CA 95206

hours are from 8:30am to 5pm saturdays and sundays. here is the list of games…

Fighting games (.25 all per play on fighting games)

-Capcom vs SNK 2 ( JP version, 24" LCD, Sanwa parts)
-Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 (2 games in 1 cab, 24" LCD, HAPP parts)
-King of Fighters 00/01/02/03 (Neo Geo 4 slot cabinet, 27" LCD)
-King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match (showcase cabinet, 32" LCD)
-Soul Calibur 3 arcade edition (24" LCD HAPP parts)

non fighting games ( - =.25 / – = .50)
–Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (Stepmania with extreme theme and all ddr songs)
-Ms.PACMAN/Galaga 20th reunion
-Metal slug 6
–Initial D 3 Twin (working card readers with cards available at 5 quarters)
–Crazy Taxi
– Outrun 2 SP (27" LCD)
– 4X Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 (working card readers with cards available at 10 quarters)
–Time Crisis 3 DX
–The House of the Dead 2 DX
–The House of the Dead 3 SD
–The House of the Dead 4 DX
–Foosball table
–Hockey table

Pretty much here is the place to play king of fighters

ohh and if you need change then ask the person that’s at the front counter…there is no coin machine, yeah an arcade with no coin change machine lol

Facebook page

ATTENTION: Central Valley Gamers (Tracy, Manteca, Stockton, Etc.)

Wow I only knew about the Wilson and Delta flea markets. That is way out south though. Do they charge to play the MvC/AE showcase cabinet?


do hella ppl go there? and really, there’s hella kof players there, too???

btw, i heard there be helllllllllllllllllllllla like cholo ese dudes there. hella trippin and shit over colors, is that true? i don’t bang or nothing but i don’t wanna get into anything over stupid stuff feel me lol


sounds dope but scared if anything pops off. MEXICAN CANDY + GAMES!!!


well alot of my boys bang, but they know i’ma gamer nigga, i’m coo off that gang banging shit lol so one time they were telling me about this place at the flea market, but they were saying some shit like dont wear red or something like that. they were gonna take me there one day 'cause they wanted to see me play, they dont believe me that i play (this was when marvel 2 was still being played) but we never ended up going.

pretty much, they were telling me on the weekends, alllllllllllllllll of the surenos from like lodi, and stockton, shit like that, they go kick it over at the flea market like dumb ass deep. now i really don’t give a shit about any of that crap, i just wanna play. but i just assume because the way i talk and act, they’re gonna trip off me and try hitting me up and shit like that.

now keep in mind, this is just all from what i was told. lol


@MajinTony yea its 5 minutes per quarter. its a pretty good deal, there is some good guys on SSF4AE and the owner son is one of the top players on MVC3.

@Trikon well ive been a regular here for almost 10 years and the last time i remember something stupid/bad happen was like in 06 when some guy started to shoot at ppl at the parking lot. basically ppl stop coming here because the dumb owner of the fleamarket charged .50 to enter the place, they stop charging but now everyone dont know that so we are trying to spread the word to get more pp back into the fleamarket and arcade.

@Korngo mostly ppl go from 11am in between 3pm (family’s and little kids) but the regulars usually stay from opening to closing when the competition gets good on KOF 02. There is a lot of KOF players since most mexicans grew up with KOF, metal slug and pump it up arcade games.

NOW!!! about this cholo/ese shit (LOL) none of that is true, i go there every week and i dont see no color gang bullshit, it use to happen back in between 03-07…ok you will see prob some teenagers with white T’s but its either themselves or with a friend, no groups more than 3. I just want to get this place heard out so we can get more regulars and maybe someone who plays CVS2 cuz thats the game im best at.


also street fighter III was down last week because p1 sanwa stick was messed up, machine was off…


bro, thanks for clearing that up! i was hoping it wasent like that! lol

i also started out on playing kof, i play kof98 and kof02 so it would be awesome to play again with some folks!


Oh noes. People found my secret spot :3 I’ll be there next week if anyone shows up.


Do a lot of people come every week? I may come this weekend to get better at AE, and maybe someone could show me the ways of third strike and kofxiii before they drop for consoles, but i don’t want to go and just hang by myself.


I can teach you what I know of 3s sat. I’m sure some of you have seen my face. I usually just walk around and look at all the big butt mexican girls up in this mug but if you see me, just stop me and ask to play. I can just about play everything there excluding kof. ( I do play kof13 though)


Well I’m not sure how to find you, but I’ll be there tomorrow, saturday.


so today was cool, played some cvs2, gg to who ever played me…anyways the boss asked me to ask you guys on what would you guys like to see here like games n making the place better, opinions n such…im talking to him about lowering the fighting games to .25, especially cvs2 and mvc2 since those are 10+ year old games…also we ordered a new batch of joysticks to fix them and we are rebuilding the ps3 showcase cab with sanwas and installing 3rd stick back to back on the black mk cabs…

also for you bemani boys we are adding a ddr machine with memory card slots

here is the facebook page of the arcade, i usually updated it but will most likely post updates here…!/pages/Stockton-Arcade/206105256104831


This place is sick. Me and a few friends were there today playing some ae and kof. I was looking forward to playing some 3s but kof was on that cab. I would like to see a few fans in there though…it was pretty hot. The more fighting games the better. anyone like vampire savior?? I’m surprised something this cool exists in stockton! Everyone needs to start heading out there on the weekends, there weren’t many people there today.


the 3s cab, we are going to swap the boards by next week, ima try and convince the owner for 2mrw

as for the fans, we are going to buy another big industrial fan to keep the place cool…we also take donation of fans, the guys who are putting the ddr machine donated 2 fans…


@cbass yo man… this is dan from the flea

I would like to say I play at this arcade every while, good machines alot of heavy competition on KOF , we need more SF: AE and MVC players tho, This place has been around for over 14+ years and its only increasing, Suggest any 209 folk or any other to check it out, gets packed around sundays

just letting u kno just dont wear red or blue, ppl are iffy there lol, other than that its a good place to chill no drama keep it at home!

also, I sell games at the same flea, in case you want to get somethin haa! :wink: Look me up at J3J4 wouldnt mind seeing srk folk there


ah i missed it today, i will go tomorrow for sure


Cbass that was me who played you in cvs2, kof13,mvc2, and AE. Dude dont let me play again and relearn the game. Although i still got with M.bison on cvs2. i might see you again next sunday. We’ll see whats up. O and change the buttons to AE i cant do any slide methods. Word of advice to any hondas, gens, and chun li’s dont use them there you will not hit your crazy links. everything else i’m cool with. O and get more cards for initial D my asian friend was sad he couldn’t play.


yea man that m.bison of yours was good, you should start playing again, we have about 4-5 regulars on CVS2 and they are pretty good…

The ps3 showcase cab is an unfinished project of mine that i never got back to…its been at the arcade since the release of MVC3…i took home today the control panel and i will see what is the problem, xplict91 told me the buttons are stiff, maybe the micro switches suck? but i ordered some omron switches, also fixing the overlay and installing a plexi sheet…

as for the initial d cards we bought like 20 cards and in 2 weeks they were all gone! they are also very expensive and you need to buy them in bulk…


thats what i was talking about! damn!