Arcades in Stockton California 209


Hey guys havnt logged in for a while but im still alive, we got rid of stuff and got new stuff. Been very busy.

New plans are floating around, recently we are making an agreement with a local ice cream parlor that has a big room and they are looking to get some of our cabinets in. This will be great since the arcade is only a weekend thing we can have a few games here and its open 7 days a week and they got AC lol

First batch of games that are showing up.
[S]Crisis Zone[/S]
Metal Slug 6
[S]KOF 2002[/S]
Pump it up (Mix undecided)
[S]DDR (Mix undecided)[/S]
Initial D V3
PS3 cabinet?

If you guys are in stockton this will be over at Triad plaza on 8th street in between the asian market and the laundromat. Hopefully this brings back the arcade scene here in stockton, its been slow ever since whimsey closed down.

I going to get another showcase cabinet setup with another PS3, it seems alot of the guys here play KOF 2K2 and want 2K2 UM so i can buy the game and ill have a home button setup so ppl can choose any downloaded game. Thats the most i can do ATM

The crowd we have is mainly on kof 2k2, slow traffic on the other fighting games…we do get some good marvel matches once in a while. Ill try and log in more frequently and post when we have a crowd on the games.

Im trying my best lol thnx


Also im going to install some jamma switching boards on the big blue cabinets to have 2 games in 1 cabinet, Im going to get vampire savior, rival schools, sf ex2+, mvc1, xmen vs street fighter etc…bunch of the older fighting games since i know ppl would love to play these old school games.


What are the hours and address to this place?


Time and place from the first post.


So then it hasn’t changed because there were some posts about moving to a different place but I wasn’t able to find an address for it


Can anyone fix the cvs2 cab up? sometimes the buttons dont respond and the joysticks diagonals don’t register well either.
trying to get cvs2 sessions around Stockton going every Sunday with people who wanna learn.


Joutai is correct.

A while back the previous owner was thinking about moving out/closing down the place since the fleamarket is not the best location ever and his main focus was just profit. The new owner is pretty cool, laid back and a player. We also have a few cabinets at this ice cream parlor on 8th street Triad Plaza. I will be taking a few of the popular fighting games as well.

Ill get to it saturday


Hey im Going to be moving back to stockton soon is there tourneys happening anytime soon??im coming from texas…Top ken player in street fighter it would be cool to see how the scene is out there


Just think you peeps should check out this new venue!
Crossroads are: Pacific Ave/ Benj. Holt


Been gone for a long time, school is basically first for me. Anyways got some more time to work on stuff…a bunch of the old stuff is gone, new non fighting stuff is in.

Arcades nowadays wont make much money with a bunch of fighting games to the average kid in 2014. 3/4 of them would rather play a racing/ shooting game and we need to start replacing some of the fighting games.

Anyways i updated the first post with the stuff we got.

Im open to ideas, thoughts, anything to try and improve the place.


Just moved back to the 209 I am so down to head up to Stockton for this. In a few weeks I should have my garage up and running hopefully I can round up a few people to play in the Modesto/river/oakdale area.


Is the flea market arcade still active for ssf4ae2012?


we get a few people come in once in a while…just not as active as it use to be…

On a down side the landlord is complaining that the games suck up too much energy and might want to kick us out…still not sure 100% but ill know for sure by satuday. I really cant be in this situation right now.

also for those interested in how the arcade is currently set up…arcade tour


Buuuuuuump! Yes we are back and open again…unfortunately we were kicked out of our bigger location due to the previous owner. I’m now in charge of the location as I took over…most of the fighting games were removed because we just don’t have that much space like before. People need to see that arcade fighting games are just not as profitable as they were before.

The current fighting games at the location are
Capcom vs SNK 2
Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2
King of fighters 2002 unlimited match

I do plan on bring back ssf4 AE 2012 but not ultra because it did not have a physical arcade release. I will bring back more classics like street fighter alpha 3, ex2+, III 3rd strike and super turbo. More king of fighters as well.


What are your hours of business?? All week long? Only weekends.
Reason i ask is cuz im only available Thursday and Friday


Anybody around stockton/lodi area still playing? Just moved back from out of state and looking to get some local play in.


Depends on the game. It’s mostly house sessions, but people play every now and again in Stockton.


Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am to 5pm…

we still have regulars that play KOF almost all day sunday…mostly 2k2 and unlimited match.


Ultra SF4 and TTT2 coming soon

here is a walk through

also first post updated, check out facebook page for frequent updates.


Here is an updated look at the arcade in 2017

Fighting games

Marvel vs Capcom 1
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Capcom vs SNK 2
Soul Calibur III
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
King of Fighters 00
King of Fighters 01
King of Fighters 02
King of Fighters 02 Unlimited Match
King of Fighters 03