ARcades in Taiwan?


tom’s world has SSF4AE. only ONE machine though, while when i was visiting kaosiung they had FOUR machines in one arcade, with no one playing. soooooooooo lame

though ive been having fun learning KOFXIII and arcana heart 3. gettin my ass handed to me erry day


Were the Kaosiung machines legit, unlike the SF4 “cabs” they got a couple of years ago? (I’m talking actual vewlix cabs)

It’s weird that Kaosiung once again beats the rest of the island in acquiring the newest SF. What is it about that place? Does Kaosiung have a big arcade scene…? Is it just the result of the place being a major trading area, meaning that they get random stuff all the time? It would be interesting if someone could shed some light on some of this…


Just left Taiwan yesterday. Taipei only has 1 laggy head to head cabs with ssf4 AE and it’s 30nt with max of 5 wins (ridiculous price)

Kaohsiung from what i heard has 2 head to head cabs? And it’s 20 NT. But same laggy ass shit “Bravo 32”

Both are 3/5 i think.


i dunno anything about the kaosiung scene. they had 4 cabs, and any of the cabs could link to any other one. i dont actually know anything about arcade machines, but i think they were the same as the one at tom’s world (taipei). definitely felt laggy, id end up double tapping a lot just to make sure moves came out

20 nt in kaosiung, 30 nt in taipei. the 5 win max is retarded too, but i guess they implement that because they only have one machine? pretty annoying to run train on people and have to sit out and wait in line to play again.

really don’t know why kaosiung had 4 machines while taipei only has 1. i played about 7-8 matches in kaosiung on a thursday night, then no one else sat down for like 20 minutes so i just left. taipei one gets crowded starting at like ~6 pm on weekdays, gets crowded earlier on the weekends.

also it seems no one in taiwan knows how to block crossups rofl but everyone’s execution was pretty sick. saw a boxer tear it up with new combos and a guy doing all sorts of crazy stuff. then i would see them lose to stupid stuff like random blankas and t.hawk condor dive spam and cry inside


also im gonna be hanging around tom’s world for the rest of the week before i head back home. if you see an asian with an afro playing dictator, boxer or claw, that’s me say hi !


im already back in the states :frowning:


didnt play much today, but got to hang out and chat with gamerbee which was fun. there were def some really pro people out tonight, a cody, a rufus, and a zangief that were all near gamerbee’s level. i got crushed


Zangief eh. odds are that that zangief is american. Talk to him next time. Tell him that Zerp said hi

actually, he probably wont be going to tom’s world any time soon. I think midterms are happening now. say hi to gamerbee as well for me :I


anyone know a good place in Taiwan to buy cheap, PS3 Hori sticks?


Was in Ximen yesterday and checked out Tom’s World. Lost like 5 straight games on the MB:AA cab and couldn’t do my taunt loops in BB:CS because the start button was in a weird place.

Still fun though. Anyone else in the area?


I think those cabs lag :frowning:


Where do people play SSF4 near the Taipei area? I’m leaving Taiwan in a couple of days, and I’d like to get some really good games in.


Taipei is all about that xbox live for super.

But they do have Arcade edition at Tom’s World ximending. Go there if you have time


Ah, that’s a shame. I didn’t bring my Xbox setup. Maybe next time. I’ve stopped by Tom’s World, but there weren’t that many people playing.


Yeah, if you don’t know anybody in the scene. It’s going to be hard to find people to play with. If you can read/write/know chinese, you can try your luck and make a post at

If not, Tom’s World is probably your only choice and hope that people come out and play you


Hey! I’m in Kaohsiung for another 9 days. I’m dying looking for a fighting game arcade, and would love to find / play Gamerbee!! I’m by the Kaohsiung museum of fine arts!!! PLEASE RESPOND / HELP SOON!!!




the dream is dead


can anyone please help me?
i am going to taipei during march, and i’d really love to find an arcade where they have taiko no tatsujin’s arcade machine.
hope someone replies!


Kinda going full necro on this thread, but I live in Taiwan (permanently) but I don’t speak much chinese, looking for people to play FG with.