Arcades on Hong Kong island


Are there any good spots for SF4 on HK island?


Oh sam sam, Yeah i walked by the Wan Chai one 2 days ago, it’s on Johnston road I think that’s what it’s called, but it’s at where the tram runs.
There’s another one in Causeway Bay.

btw why do you care??? you live in Portland~ go home and play your 3S


Hey guys, I just moved back to HK. Been looking around and the arcade in WanChai you guys were talking about is called Wan Chai Game Zone I believe. They have 4 cabinets there. As far as I know, none of the cabinets in HK has the memory card function. If anyone want to check it out together sometime for some friendlies, PM me.

The highest level of play there, like anywhere else, would be 6-11pm after work hours, but then again, it becomes extremely crowded. I am not very good at the game, and have yet to play on a cabinet, wouldn’t mind trying it out during the day some time. Again, if interested, PM me. MSN would probably be the easiest way to reach me, if you leave me yours, I’ll be sure to add you.

Edit: sigh… just noticed how dead this thread was…


Just a lil update… Wan Chai gamezone is now closed :frowning:

Anyway for now the best choice would be in Causeway Bay nearby sogo, turn right after you head out exit D4 of MTR.
You’ll have to walk downstairs, only 1 cab but its the best smoke free place you can get.

More and more arcades are running out of biz here.


mong kok? or wong kok? I think they still have sit downs there.


Causeway Bay Plaza II (Exit C, across the street) has a game center called “Game Cyber” that has 4 SF4 cabs that are in shitty condition. It reeks of smoke and most people have very bad attitudes (yelling out DIU LEI LO MEI every time they lose).

Mong Kok has one arcade directly outside exit D2. Turn left and you can’t miss it.


as ive asked in another thread. anyone wanna meet up and spar? send me an inbox message.


I lol’d on the lo mei part.


so which arcade has the best SF4 competition? also which ones have Blazblue? Thanks for any help.


i’ve seen blazblue in the mong kok arcade, but noone was playing it. as for sf4 competition… i’m told it may be mong kok as well, but i’ve seen some decent players float around causewaybay plaza 2


I’m moving to work in Hong Kong in the next few weeks, where do they have SSFIV AE, KOF XIII and any marvel games? Anyone play anywhere regularly and want to meet up for some games? I will be bringing a MVC3 set up if anyone wants to train up on that when it drops


Yeah I am def interested in hitting up the arcades in HK. I went to an arcade yesterday remember it having the new KOF and SSF4 AE. MvC3 is coming out on the 15th and i am hyped about it. Well lets find a way to meet up if you are interested.

I played shoto characters usually but cody and dudely for just the fun.


Poke around the board a bit more… there is a more active HK thread around here somewhere.