Arcades or Home

Recently I was getting really angry and frustrated with going online, not learning or understanding why I had loss streaks and. paying too much attention to my pp and bp.
Instead I went to an arcade and had a blast. Lost a few, won a few but ultimately enjoyed the experience.

I really wonder what the difference is. Of course at the arcades you’ll never play more than a dozen or so people and you’re pumping coins, yet even so at lot less frustration and rage. Perhaps in public looking saltly would be an embarrassment, especially here.

I think the point I’m trying to make is, definitely go to your local arcade. Different Feel to the game, more fun and real people on the other side of the cabinet.

You’re not telling anybody anything new. We all know that online sucks ass and offline play is better. Problem is, not everyone has the luxury of living by an arcade, because they’re pretty much dead. I don’t know how you didn’t know this by now.

maybe the arcade players you faced were worse than the online players?

Perhaps. But maybe the ones I lost to were much better.
I’ve been lucky to come across some top players in the arcades.

I also support going to the local arcades, besides supporting your local community, I also believes that it helps you improve your game faster than just grinding out online matches.

Losses at the arcade are a lot more personal. Not only does it cost you money, but also embarassment, as you have to walk the walk of shame whenever you’re forced to step off the machine. Because there are wait times at the arcade between your matches, it causes you to get REALLY salty about a match, and you probably start thinking about why you lost, how to correct it, and formulating a gameplan to win it back. People don’t usually do this online.

Online sucks because of lag. stuff that you should’ve been able to do and fight against do not work when you KNOW damn well it will work without lag. That’s the reality and that’s why it sucks.

When you’re trying to anti-air and you know that you did it at the RIGHT time but you still get hit and end up eating a big combo because of that lag. That’s why it sucks.

Of course the walk of shame and the wait between fights allows you to and makes you think hard about why you lost.

I understand the person who first replied to this thread complaining about the lack of arcades. A shame a lot of arcades have died.

I think being in a public place stifles the anger. It’s a lot harder to slam on your stick and yell out obscenities when you know its gonna get everyone in the arcade giving you the stink eye.

I’ve noticed Japanese players are a lot more likely to laugh off a shameful loss than American players, which I’d largely contribute to arcade culture (but not solely).

It really is a prohibitively complex dilemma!

I made up a quick list of pros and cons to try to illuminate some of the many facets of this issue.

ARCADE                                  HOME
+ video games are there                 + video games are there
- it costs a dollar every single time   - it costs hundreds of dollars one or more times
+ there are other people there          - there aren't other people there
- there are other people there          + there aren't other people there
- you can't sleep there                 + you can sleep there
+ you don't have to clean up spills     - you don't haaave to clean up spills
- you may witness truly vulgar things   - you can look up truly vulgar things
                         ** Final tallied scores: **
Arcade:  -1                             Home:  -1

Well, I hope that helps you figure out your problem. Best of luck with everything!