Arcades that have Street fighter games In Riverside?


Would anyone seem to know any? I’m new to riverside I can’t find many arcades sad day…


Your best bet would be to drive to Super Arcade in Walnut, CA. It’s about 45 minutes from Riverside. Other than that, no idea if there’s anything local in the Riverside area. I haven’t heard of any places worth mentioning.


Dang 45minutes >.< Alright thankyou dude.


Yeah, arcades are pretty non-existent unless you live in the LA area. At least Super Arcade is packed with a variety of SF games, and talented players show up on the regular on Wednesday, Thursday, and Weekend nights.


Sweet sounds well worth the drive! Thankyou looks like a great arcade!


Round 1 in mo Val mall has 30 vewlix/candy!


wtf is Mo Val? And why are you necroing a 2+ month old thread?


If your not from there Don’t worry bout it brah…