Arcades with USF4 in Taipei, Taiwan

I’ll be in Taipei for 2-3 weeks for work pretty soon and I’m not having much luck finding any info about arcades that have SF4. Does anybody know of one?

Looks like I found my answer…

I’ll be in Taiwan soon. Going to loop the island so looking for any areas in Taiwan to play with people. I care more about playing people than finding arcades, so local meet ups are cool too.

I mostly play UMVC3, BBCSE (360 owner), P4A, AH3 and Phantom Breaker Extra but will give anything a go.

Going to be there from early September for 1-3 months.

Hit me up via e-mail (seimeibunny DAT gmail DEN com) or WeChat/Weixin (name’s bizui but use 13756048142 to find me) if you want to battle of have any recommendations.

PS: I don’t care about SF4 or SFxT but I will play if that’s the only thing available.

So I liked Taiwan so much I stayed. Played some SF4 around the island, played Melty Blood for the first time and dominated some fools in Blazblue. Fun times.

Anyway, I’m in Zhongli now, small quiet city near Taipei and Taoyuan.

If anyone is down to play anything let me know. Please email me (seimeibunny att gmail dottt com) cuz I’m not gonna check this thread often.

I play a bit of everything. Think I’m gonna focus on Skullgirls, but I’m open to almost anything if people wanna play.

If you’ve never been to Taiwan, you should :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you.
I’m Floor Hofman, I’m from the Netherlands.
I’m studying Communication Design in Taipei at Shih Chien University for 5 months and I’m super interested in the arcades here. I’ve never seen anything like it in Holland. I would like to know more about it.
Is there anyone who would be up for doing an interview? It will be in English (my Chinese is not good enough yet…) and I will record it with my camera.

Thank you so much,
Looking forward to hear from you.