Guilty Gear Buttons, Capcom 30th and Improved Sanwa Silent Stick


This thread will be updated with A-S info :slight_smile:

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Sanwa buttons and ball tops just came in

Buy at least 6 buttons and get free shipping(within the US).

Sanwa OBSC-30/24 clear buttons are in. We have:

Clear: White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue 24mm
Clear: White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue 30mm
Semi White
Semi Black
Semi Yellow
Semi Red
Semi Green
Semi Blue

These buttons look amazing in person! Free shipping on 6 buttons still applies to these beauties!

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Question about Arcade Shock Store

Hori Real Arcade Pro Ex for XBOX 360 $129.99 $129.99 $129.99

Looks like the sale is cancelled??

edit: to add that I’m an r-tard - as stated in the OP, starts 08/09/09. Leaving the post intact, though!


Didn’t he say starting this Sunday? Maybe it starts on 8/9

EDIT: Yikes! shipping kills the deal


I can read, I just choose not to! :wink: :blush:

Forgive me, I was asleep at the wheel, as it were.


lol, it would be a good deal but for me in Canada; they charge $66.00 for shipping…


Sanwa parts just came in. Buttons, balltops, gates.

If you order 6 or more buttons, you get free shipping within the US.

HRAPEX(360)still at $99.99.

A-S also ships outside of the US.


Is there a phone number to contact arcadeshock?

For some reason, they do not reply to any emails. I’ve sent them multiple emails and not 1 reply back.

I ordered the Sanwa buttons from them and upon opening the box and inspecting the buttons, they appear to be heavily used. The buttons all have deep/long cuts/scratches all over the buttons.

Needless to say, I’m upset and pretty disappointed as seeing as they were supposed to be brand new.

:arazz: :arazz:


New HRAP’s just got in.

HRAPSE for the 360 -

HRAPSA for the PS3 -

If you preordered yours, expect to see it at your door step this week :slight_smile:


can you still get one if you didn’t preorder?


Yes, you can still get one.


ship this week?


Yep, shipping this week.


Just wondering, I see the site says (black).
But I do see the notes say grey, Just want to verify this isn’t the black pushbutton but the dark hai button right? Or whatever they call it.


are you guys still giving out free shipping when buying 6 or more buttons???


The button is Black ring/Grey push plunger.

Yes, shipping is still free for 6 or more Sanwa buttons.


If I buy 6 or more Sanwa buttons does that make the whole shipping order free (even if I buy other stuff)? :smiley:


nice. Put in an order for an SA.


Yes, shipping will be free, but it will be shipped to me :smiley:

The store will add on the shipping for whatever the item is, but the buttons will remain free.


Ordering my HRAPEXSE probably tuesday or wednesday! Can’t wait!

Amazon has it but I’d have to wait until the middle of Oct. (Oct. 19 so probably the end of Oct really)

Just to clarify, I should be receiving my stick sometime before the 10th? of Oct? If I order it on the 29th I should expect it sometime 3-5th?


You’ll get it within 2-5 days if you’re in the US.