First of all, our biggest apologies for being MIA in our srk.com thread. We’ve been swamped with simultaneous projects the past year on top of the ridiculous amount of orders we’ve seen in the past 10 months, which we are extremely grateful to all of our supporters for. Because of this, we will constantly reinvest in the company (NOT our pockets) to bring in and create some cool products that we hope everyone will enjoy.

Going back to September 2016, we’ve been preparing unique products to launch at EVO 2016. Our constant goal is to top what we did the previous year and we’re pretty excited about what we have to offer at EVO 2016 both product wise and service wise. We teamed up with our sister partner, SPLITFRAME LLC last year, which we will be doing once again to provide a fuller experience buying for FGC products.


[] We would like to welcome back Motoki Yoshihara ( https://twitter.com/Yoshihara_Game ) . He will be doing signings for his illustrations and products at our booth on both Friday and Saturday, July 15-16. The time frame will be announced closer to those dates. Here are a few samples of his illustrations that he has done for us: 3rd Strike Universe , Street Fighter Perspective: Chun-li vs M. Bison , Street Fighter Zero 3 Universe
] Sanwa Denshi x SPLITFRAME Lineup Expanded - Limited Run Print for EVO 2016 - Pink Foil SD Elephant Mashing Tee and Hoodie
[*] Headwear - Yeah, we know. It’s taken a bit longer and just in time for summer right? Given the weird weather that’s been going on the past few years, it’s safe to say we’re all season now. Anyhow, when you see the quality of these beanies and the high res stitched logo patches, you may put one on in the summer. =) Street Fighter x SPLITFRAME , Sanwa Denshi x SPLITFRAME and SPLITFRAME Original (Reversible - black and white) beanies are now available online and will be showcased at EVO 2016

That’s it for today, but rest assured, there’s a ton more coming.


HORI Products

[] HRAP4 Kai PS4/PS3/PC
] HRAP4 Kai SE (Seimitsu Edition)
[] HRAP4 Kai SA (Sanwa Edition)
] HRAP4 Kai Silent PS4/PS3/PC
[] HRAP V Kai (Xbox/One/PC)
] HRAP Kuro and Hayabusa Premium VLX (PS4/PS3/PC)
[] Pokken Pads
] FS Mini 4 PS4/PS3
[] Hori Stereo Headset for PS4
] Hayabusa Joysticks
[*] Hayabusa Optical SILENT Joystick (Launching at EVO)


Yay Arcade Shock!




Awesome, I look forward to the additions!


Woot! I love these guys!


He finally makes a thread!


Sweet, looking forward to those future additions.


Are those PS4 Hori VLX still in stock?


How do the ball tops wear?


They are silk screened, and as long as you take care of them they will be fine.


So whats the news/word on that facebook post on CPS2 boards perhaps? :wink: i’m shopping around , my ud-cps2 is lonely and needs some friends!


Sanwa Denshi parts order arrived today, along with the Limited Edition Wooden Ball Tops and Bat Tops. We’re preparing all the pre-orders and will be shipping them today. Thanks for the support!! Good stuff coming as always.


We should have some news by the end of this week. Along with the NEO•GEO stuff, CPS and CPS2 is our favorite hobby to play and collect. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs?


We sold out of our initial stock and are currently selling Hori’s inventory. We technically do not have any more of the initial inventory we ordered. Our pre-orders cleaned that out in the first week of taking them. If Hori allows, we will post up some numbers so you gals / guys know how rare this stick is. It was the least produced VLX Premium of the bunch, by 500 pcs.


I see, I might have to buy one then.


@TRIEU any word on if qanba/eightarc are gonna be doing next gen sticks?


awesome! hopefully if you have an ST or Vsav in there I can get it from you guys, can i call dibs? lol


I asked them a month or so ago and they said “no comment”


Something is in the works, but the time frame of release is undetermined. When we hear more, we will let you know, but as of now, nothing is confirmed.


We will let you know now that there won’t be any ST. We know over 20 owners of this board and none of them will let it go, including ourselves.