any u buyy stuff fromm thaa sitee/ safee or nott/ i dunno if i wanna go head go buyy stuff thaa. i wanna askk u guy firsttt.

its safe… i bought plenty of stuff off there… they update often with stuff thats sold and whats not in stock.

o woww u fastt man. thx fo the replyy. u knoww howw longg it takee fo myy ordaa da cum and wat about return policyy n shitt. i wanna buy somethingg fromm u guy here butt alll the stuff u guy sell all soldd outt. suxx.

what do you want to buy or what are you looking for… i may have it.

I bought my HRAP2 from there and it came pretty quickly. I’d say within business days.

On another note, what’re you looking for? The people on this board might be able to recommend you some sites for whatever you need to buy.

been lookin fo facking mas stick fo yearss noww andd u ppll gott shitt. i try pm mad ppl butt noo replyy. pppll fromm thee customm sticck threadd. i justt gott gott tiree wasttinn myy timee trydaa gitt holdd u ppll so i sayy fack itt.

i want a mas stick-8 buttons-convex-and gottaa be 360. that it. to bad u guy selll alll u stufff. suxx fo mee.

… learn to type correctly sir… this isnt AIM or anything and its took me a bit to RD ur posttt

i may have someone selling a mas stick closeby… ill ask him if he still has it and you can add a p360 to it… or pay me to install it…

ill ask him tommorow.

I tihnk he’s doing it on purpose… or is he?

:rofl: o matrixx datt nicee mann i imm u

lol. he’s doing it on purpose. his past posts had good english.

LMAO im a champ

To be that bad he has to be blitzed out/drunk/tired and busting a nut while typing.

If you’ve been looking for a MAS stick for that long now, why didn’t you just go directly to the people at MAS systems? You would’ve gotten your stick eventually and not have to go through all this.

lol @ quote:rofl::rofl::rofl: