is it a scam store?

Hey boys and girls.

Recently (17 February 2016) I bought 8 sanwa buttons from this website and paid them the same day, even though the payment went through only 21 February.

After all this time I’ve decided ,during this past week, to contact them to get an update on the order and all I got in response was silence.

I’m afraid I’m being scammed.

Is this normal? What can I do?

Thank you.

i think this warrants a thread. us here in the states use arcadeshock, focusattack, and paradise arcadeshop for parts. i’ve personally never heard of this site, did you use paypal for the payment? there could be a chance of forcing a refund if you don’t hear from the store

Like Coffeejuice said if it’s Paypal, you can quickly open a dispute and they’ll deal with the issue if you’re starting to feel uncomfortable or ripped off.

If you paid with a credit card directly (and not through Paypal), you should 1. open a dispute with whomever your credit card is with and 2. monitor your credit card statements over the next few months or consider having them replace your credit card with a new number.

With that said, other than email, have you tried calling them? Do they have a local contact number to see if anyone is available to talk to by phone?

@Coffeejuice @MonkeyGovernor

I used a bank transfer. Wont be making that mistake again.

What I was advised to do by my bank was to contact the police about it and find out if my country’s ECC and Germany can help me with it.

I will try to contact them via phone tomorrow. Only tried email until now.

Yeah sorry buddy. Unfortunately I’ve never heard of them, so I can’t say much. I know it takes awhile for shops like (which is legit) to ship back to the USA, sometimes a couple of weeks. But they are a trusted source already.

With that said, this could be a legitimate case of them being slow. A quick google search brought up the arcadecontrols forums with people asking about the website. It seems recently they might be handling things slowly and back in the day they were quicker and easier to deal with:

For unknown companies, I usually prefer transactions go through Paypal (making sure it goes through Paypal and not some wack webpage that just says type in your Paypal info), so that if there are any problems like this, I can immediately open a dispute and let them handle it.

I can at least say that i do know of, although i haven’t bought from them in about 9 years, instead favoring English parts retailers.
They were one of the only places in Europe to get your parts from. However, i cant vouch for their current reputation at all.

After having a quick look at their site, it looks like they haven’t changed or updated it since the cretaceous period and they seem to lack many of the options carried by other stores.

By your post, i’m thinking they may have gone the same way as lizardlick…

What you can do depends on how you paid for your goods. Did you pay via Paypal, Credit Card, Direct Bank Transfer or Debit Card?

On the upside there are plenty of other Eurozone stores which sell stick parts like

They are legit at least from like a year ago.