Has anyone ordered from here.

Just wondering.


People in other threads are saying has been shipping in 5-7 days. That’s not too bad if you’re looking for specific items that you can’t get from Laugh,, or other SRK members.

I’ve only heard good things so far.


My stuff got to me in the UK in 5 days including the weekend.


How long ago did you order? I ordered on the 16 of March.


Just ordered sanwa buttons and stick…thanks for link


Hope somebody warned these guys they about to get rained on. :lol:


Shipping to US is sort of a killer or else I’d be pretty tempted


just order from them:

7 x Sanwa OBSF-30-BK, grey
1 x JLW-TM-8 (Sanwa) white
7 x Sanwa OBSF-30, white
1 x JLW-TM-8 (Sanwa) grey

hope that in two weeks they re-stock the white buttons and the grey ones :wink:


I’ve ordered dozen of items at this shop and was always very satified! Shipping is fast, contact is nice. Recommened!


French player here, I ordered this shop some Sanwa buttons and joystick ball top to mod my TE stick :

  • March, 15 : order passed,
  • March, 19 : order shipped.

I haven’t received it yet so I can’t write a full feedback, but I am tracking the parcel every day, I should receive it on monday. All I can say is that the shipping was faster than announced on the website in my case. :wink:


Swiss Player here.

I ordered 6 Sanwa OSBF, a white balltop and 4 Cherry-Microswitches about 3 Weeks ago, the parts arrive 4 days later here in Switzerland. It was for my Hori Fighting Stick EX 2 mod.

Very good service.

Then, on the March 12th, I ordered a JLF, 8 OBSN 30 mm and 3 OBSN 24 mm buttons…
And got the shipping-confirmation for the parts yesterday, the 20th March - though it read on that delivery would take at least 2 weeks… Wow, I was surprised that my order shipped that fast, because I thought it would take considerabely longer because of the JLF-Shortage… Wow, I’m absolutely positively surprised!

Same here… :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for my parts to arrive, I’m so eager building my own custom.

Good work from!!!


I ordered there 2times already. The shop is great. Fast shipping and the owner is a nice guy. I know him from several forums :3


Ordered Friday 13th March (JLF + a load of Seimitsu buttons).
Shipped Monday 16th March.
Arrived Wednesday 18th March.



it’s a good shop.


used em before , they are a good shop , also send you free shit with your package sometimes :slight_smile:


I can only recommend Arcadeshop. They`re very reliable and ship fast! :tup:


ive ordered a sanwa jlf and buttons. was shipped within a week or so.
order fast or they will go out of stock :wink:


Great shop.
If you order from Europe, it takes about 5-7 days.

Great service.


I’m from the UK and cancelled my order with Gremlin Solutions and placed a new order with on Thursday. They have a great range of products and it’s really useful where you can see what they currently have in stock so you won’t be waiting weeks when there was in stock alternative you could have ordered. Now just have to wait and see how quick their dispatch time is.


im in usa i ordered from them 3/10 they shipped3/11 but i have not recieved yet so its very slow i ordered from ahirashop and they sent 3/18 i got it 3/20