Arcadia Magazine No. 109 - Top Ten + SF4 & T6BR Rankings


This month covers Mar. 2009 rankings. Info originally posted on SDTEKKEN.COM.

Gundam VS Gundam NEXT is out in arcades now! How did it fare vs Japan’s current champ, Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion?

Arcadia Magazine is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this month! The June 2009 issue sports a new re-born layout and has a feature story on The King of Fighters XII!

Tekken 6: BR takes the top rank again, to no surprise! Virtua Fighter 5R has dropped to its lowest point since its release. However I expect VF5R to pick up in the coming months due to the new update/season.

As a bonus, check out the latest Street Fighter IV arcade character ranking


Tekken is too strong.

…I mean, sheep stage is too strong.


Bob, Bruce and Julia out of no where, wow.

Markman, do you know if this is with the patch?


Arcana still hanging on there before it inevitably drops after SBO.

Gogo MB for still being top five and not being in SBO!



Good shit on low tier Bryan Fury. I always hated him. Though I’d still give raped by Bryans because I suck at Tekken in General.

What’s with Honda now with a comfy B-tier spot next to C. Viper? Hmm, and it appear that the Japs still think highly of Zangief.

Too bad Guile is still pretty low. But at least he goes 5-5 most of the B-tier, and 5-5 with Balrog. That helps a little.

Arcadia rankings are always interesting. Nice to see Accent Core picking up again, though it’s really only for SBO. Not sure is Koto aka best Baiken in the world still plays. But I really hope to see him at SBO this year, he would really deerve it.


julia is way more solid now thanks to actually having good B! moves on top of not losing(all of) her older good shit
bob, simply has solid stuff now rather than BS
bruce, even with what some bruce players would call nerfs(his random knee moves not leading to stuns on normal hit) has disgusting wall carry while still doing good dmg

fairly sure this is based off of the recent patch since it’s been out for over a month now(?)


guess the japanese saw some videos of mike ross. :cool:


Nice Markman, thanks for the info!
Were there tiers listed for BlazBlue as well?


There were tiers for most of the SBO games. I’ll translate them shortly.


Tekken 6 is too strong.


He isnt really low tier, just 10th out of 39, which is pretty damn good if you ask me.


I’ll wait for the BR tier list from Korea.


Bob seems to be safer than before, he is just not broken anymore. His transition is very similar to 5.0 Steve -> DR Steve; although Steve was toned-down, he was made a very solid character.

Bruce has a new CD+2 which is stupidly good, extensive wall-carry and very good wall-damage.

He is still in top-ten according to this list.

Same here!


Im almost certain BR is not out in korea yet
so you may be waiting a while

bruce is amazingly good aswell great wall carry awesum wall combo really safe just shit lows

that list looks pretty good cept for kaz thought he was better than DJ and im yet to see an awesome law so dunno bout that

and i think sf4 tiers are a bit retarded especially with counter characters except for sagat


awesome, thanks :slight_smile:


Tekken 6: BR is out in Korea!


It’s been out for a couple of months.


Bottom line: if you don’t read MarkMan threads, I can’t respect you as a person.


Wait Fuerte>Ken?


Seriously what happened to VF5 in Japan?