Arcadia Magazine now puts Oro as UPPER-HIGH Tier

Not top tier just yet, but the latest tier list from Arcadia placed Oro in the upper section of the “high tier” list of characters. Oro has really been winning a lot of games recently in the Japanese scene.

I am hearing that the ‘main reason’ for Oro’s shift in tier is because they have found a way for him to handle Chun Li more effectively. By using his Long Dick into command grab combo against Chun Li, he vastly improves his ground game against her. The secret is to mixup this combo with his MK kara throw, which is practically the 2nd longest range throw in the game.

It is really amazing how after such a long time, new things are still being discovered. Rejoice, Oro players and prospective Oro players. Winning with Oro has just become that much easier.

Strange without the trolling.

Does this mean he now only loses 3-7 to her instead of 2-8?


You are the Pollock of SRK.

It’s funny, because the 2009 Arcadia tier list DID put Oro in high-mid tier(along with Ryu, and this was also the infamous list that had Hugo as king of mid).
S+ - Chun-Li
S - Yun
A+ - Ken, Dudley
A - Makoto, Yang
A- - Urien, Akuma, Ryu, Oro
B+ - Hugo
B - Elena, Ibuki, Alex
C - Necro, Twelve, Remy, Q
D - Sean


anything more recent than this?

Why is Oro so retarded? I hate that little yellow prick so much