Arcadia Magazine Top 10 - May 2009 Issue

The good man Oichi at versuscity has compiled the list from the latest issue of Arcadia Magazine… check it out:

Note… these numbers reflect the month of Feb. 2009.

Damn, I didn’t think console SF4 release would affect arcade THAT much lol.

Fight for the future…some more.

It’s not cuz it’s out on console (GG, VF, Arcana, etc are all out on console). The community is split between 3S and SF4.

^ No, the real reason is because of the SBO announcements. Thats why you see a jump for those games (except SF4).

Not entirely true, combine the #s for 3S & SF4 and it’s still only up to 6th. I doubt console is the issue either. I know it’s blasphemous to say such a thing on SRK, but… maybe in Japan they actually take games made by companies that aren’t Capcom seriously sometimes. Sucks for me, I like SF4 but there’s 3 games ranked higher on that list that I wish the US would take anywhere near as seriously. At least BlazBlue will be on console with netplay soonish.

MBAA? Granted I think the ver.A patch was released then, but still…

VF5R is not out on consoles. If it was my head would explode.


And man…Gundam is like way of life in Japan. Those games just rake in the coins! :looney:

Console version made SFIV arcade obsolete. Everything else is up to date and or not released outside the ARC.

What do the last numbers represent?

note also SF4 is not entirely up to date… with console version with the new charcters (usually isn’t the case as console charcters are usually not on there… but maybe an exception?)

also MBAA is not an SBO game… but is clearly up there… even though it went down a bit… but it’s pretty even so far… I LIKE IT

BLAZBLUE 2nd woot… also tekken BR… much love… and arcana 2.6 (even though they raping the arcades though with that recent release)

RIP SF4 Arcade

Damn Blazblue is kickin ass! Can’t wait for that shit too come on home.

Nice list, good to see Arcana Heart going up.


You know the 2.6 patch is free for Sugoi! owners, right? (Turned out the $1000 price was for upgrading from original AH2 to S!AH2.6 .)

Or do you mean the console release in 2 weeks?

In any case, good to see it up there. :smile:

Tekken has such a strong grip on that top spot it’s unbelievable. When was the last time that any fighting game showed this level of long-term, consistent dominance?

Give it to the other games, they have a strong following.

I think a big reason as others have stated is that Console SF4 nearly doubles the cast of the Arcade. **Most **of these other games do not have that much discrepancy between Console vs Arcade versions.

I have a feeling capcom does not update SF4 with the console characters currently is b/c they are waiting for an update that includes console characters plus 2-4 arcade exclusive characters (Dee Jay, T-Hawk, etc. from all the rumors).

It would be a good financial move if the next Arcade update of SF4 gave ppl something additional that the console release does not have.

Just my thoughts.


Virtua Fighter 4/EVO/Final Tuned dominated arcades for a while in recent times.

I suppose we should take your word for it. :lol: :lol:

VF4 was king last gen, but for whatever reason VF5 has dropped off. I don’t remember Tekken doing this well back then either.

In vf4evo days, it was always the #1 fighting game, right below whatever gundam game was out at the time. Dunno if the exact numbers for those spots are higher or lower than the top spots now, though.

kof :slight_smile: