Arcadia Top 10 - April 2009

Yeah Deathsmiles! GO CAVE GO!

By the way, the Gundam game is “Gundam vs Gundam”, yeah, really.

Gundam vs Gundam rocks <3

wait, why does this say “April 2009” ?

April issue. Japanese magazines are usually published a month (plus couple of days) in advance of the listed date.

Not just Japanese magazines.

Gogo 3D fighter!

Good to see good ole Melty sooo high.

Arcadia is a Japanese magazine about arcade culture. I thiiink it’s a quarterly publication but I’m not 100% sure.

This is the list from this month’s issue of the most-played arcade games in Japan for the past quarter, #1 being the very most played, #2 being the second most, and so on so forth.

To be specific, it’s actually the list for non-dedicated games–ones that can be put into any cabinet. Fighting games typically make up most of this list. The only other things you ever see on the list are the occasional shmup, and whatever the newest Gundam game is at the time.

They also have a separate list for dedicated games–ones that require a unique cabinet (usually Bemani, DDR, light gun games, etc.)–but none of us here really care about that list, haha.

Cool, huh? :smile:

Yes that’s very interesting… but what do the numbers listed to the right of name represent?

money pulled in i believe

has sf4 been that low or has it been slowly declining

it has been that low from what i remember, i belive that the reason behind of it is the price of the credits for the game on the arcades, its the more expensive compared to other games

The only surprise, to me, is TvC above GGAC. I mean, damn, you think you’d be able to find tons of vids for a game THAT popular!

from what i heard the game its not that played, thats why im really surprised to see in the list in the first place :looney:

japanese people are wacky

We are a full month early though :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I’m surprised VF5R ended up behind SF4, considering the later was just released on consoles and as such I believe it would be natural for it to do worse in the charts.

Also how is KOF currently perceived in Japan? What about their expectations for XII?

Melty Blood really? Didn’t know it was that popular. Gundam Vs looks tight too, which only leads me to ask…why no Virtual On money matches at Evo?

Seriously though, Metly Blood?

Yeah. Capcom is stupid. SFIV sold only about a million in 2 weeks. Those idiots should be like SNK and make 2D games able to sell a few thousand copies :rolleyes:

The japanese scene is probably the weirdest scene in the world. If you plan n realeasing worldwide console game, Japan shouldn’t be your main focus.

I like how Japan is playing TvC for real. At the TvC forum we thought the game wasn’t doing well over there, but ahead of GG and 3S is pretty good IMO. I’m starting to think Japan may end up owning in this game, since US players aren’t really dedicated to it.

I think a better question would be “Why isn’t Sega interested in reviving Virtual On?”

Now’s the perfect time! The Gundam VS games are proof that Virtual On has a chance!

Damn! Japan loves there Gundam’s.

Musou Gundam vs Gundam