Arcadias Fighting Game Mook - 3 Hour SBO DVD

Arcadia is releasing (september 9th) a fighting game mook (not an ongoing magazine) on upcoming fighting games. Tekken 5.1, GGXX/, NGBC, Melty Blood, SSTenka… Plus, itll come with a 3-hour DVD on SBO.

Get in touch with your local japanese import bookstore or check online stores like play-asia then.

Neither NGBC or melty blood are upcoming games. They are out already.

Nice! The Japanese book store I frequent tends to get Arcadia Mooks so I should be able to find it. My DVD player however can not play Japanese DVDs, but for SBO coverage it would be a good time to buy a region free DVD player.

3 hour dvd? that’ll be only the final 3 or 4 of each tourney I spose.

Probably might be like a documentary w/ interviews or something like that.

In-stock here:

Awesome. I’ll be hitting up Little Tokyo out in LA this weekend.

Ordered with a quickness.

whats a mook?

magazine + book = mook

I just got the mook today and I have to say that the DVD is pretty good if you are fluent in Japanese. There’s 5 main chapters on the DVD. 1st one is a commentary of sorts on each of the finals. 2nd chapter is pretty interesting as it follows Nuki for the entire day 1 of SBO because he’s apparently one of the few players who are good at 2D and 3D games. So it’s got a lot of short interviews with Nuki after each of his matches and you get to overhear the conversations between his teammates. 3rd chapter is pretty much a “dream match” section where they have the players who couldn’t play each other in the tournament play each other. I thought that this would be great except that the 3S and CFJ sections have exactly 1 match each… 4th chapter is the breakdown of matches with the actual players discussing what they were thinking during the match. 1 match for each game was chosen for the DVD. This is pretty much a video version of the breakdown section they have on the normal Arcadia magazine and it’s only helpful if your Japanese is really fluent. 5th chapter is a combo video of Melty Blood: Act Cadenza with various characters doing 2 combos.

I found that the mook itself was better than the DVD cause it’s just got more info and in the SBO section, they do profiles of the top players and it tells you what their daily schedule is like and which arcade they usually play at. Also, it’s got around 6 pages of preview for GGXX/ and a 20+ page breakdown of Tekken 5.1 written by 3 Japanese Tekken players.

wtf, it’s only 20 bucks, i’m buying it even though i don’t know jap

Argh… why can’t we get shit like this in english.

Because out of the handful of fighting game fans in the US, only like… five would actually buy it instead of downloading off the net?

That still doesn’t answer my question. You mean to tell me ppl in japan or ppl who can read japanese won’t download it either??? I disagree there.

naw, i’m probably underestimating the fighting game community’s jackassery but i think people would respect that shit like evo dvds, t5 dvds and such. a lot of people would buy it

Finally, a reason to study my japanese.

Also ordered with the quickness.


I got my yesterday

Give you give us a break down? Is it worth it if you can’t read it?