Arcana Heart 2 Tournament! May 17th at Planet Zero, Houston, Tx!

The first Arcana Heart 2 tournament in Houston will be held on May 17th at Planet Zero Anime Center!

We will be holding 2 events for the game:

Singles Tournament
2v2 Teams Tournament

Saturday, May 17th

2pm Singles Tournament
6pm Teams Tournament(This time is tentative based on when the singles tournament actually ends)

Planet Zero Anime Center
12303-J Westheimer
Houston, TX 77077

Entry Fee:
$10 or Free with $20 PZ card charge for Singles
$10 per Team or Free with $20 PZ card charge for the Teams Tournament

Double Elimination
Best 2 out of 3

Double Elimination
Single game, Knock off style


  1. No excessive banging or damaging the machines
  2. Cannot have the same characters on a team
  3. If you are planning to leave the venue during the tournament, check with the person running the bracket so you will avoid being DQ’ed

1st 70% + 150 PZ points
2nd 20% + 100 PZ points
3rd 10% + 50 PZ points

Will this be the first real clash with Austin vs Houston in AH2?

Weeklies start up tomorrow, it’ll be a good chance to practice up for this Saturday!

Our first weekly was rather interesting, Jumpy winning with Angelia, I dunno what to do about the spin crap she does! LOL!