Arcana Heart 2

Sup Guys.

Now that we officially own this board, I would like to plan out a couple of events for this at evo.

This is all going to be presented on supergun on 2x full seimitsu sticks. Sorry sanwa lovers but that’s what I have for the supergun so thats what it gets played on.

Among events we may or may not have depending on feedback:

Singles (Probably will have to cap the bracket to 32 since we only have one setup)

EC versus Texas and or Chicago 5 on 5

Money Matches



Mostly this post is a placeholder for more permanent announcements regarding this as we go along.

Singles would be good, hopefully we’ll be able to arrange something with Texas to bring down one of their boards as well. The second supergun’ll probably still be a problem, but Evo is quite a few away and hope is still in the air.

MMs are a must, it’s what brings hype to a game. We’d probably have to limit the amount of MMs going down, but we could probably dedicate an entire day if it gets to be that big(doubt we’d need an entire day for just MMs though).

Casuals’ll probably be held on Friday and early Sat, but they’re a requirement for letting new people try out the game. Those whos played the first one is gonna want to try out the second one, and we’ll be the people with it.

5 v 5 would be good, but I’d really like to see teams happen more than anything. We’d give more people an opportunity to get in on the action, and the pot’ll be bigger(hopefully). The 5v5 shouldn’t take that long anyways, so we could probably get both of those going and done with in a good amount of time.

For teams I’d like to see SBO style rules, and thats my(current) input on the matter

i say we give True_Tech 30 minutes alone with said board so he can learn clarice combos

hopefully at least 1 japanese player who mains this game comes to evo worlds, thatd make for a interesting tourney

Screw you True, I need time with my little girl Kira.

kira is old we on that new ish

yo im gonna be there on some real shit!!!

i love to see the TX vs EC 5 on 5, some team tournies, and singles… shit i wanna see some pot bonuses for this shindig…