Arcana Heart 3 (dupe thread)

What’s going on everyone, I’m here to discuss the PSN exclusive all female cast fighting game series: Arcana Heart 3. I’ve just played the game recently and I’m totally in love with it. I asked many people if they’ve played it and they told me they’ve never heard of it, and I looked at other forums and many people aren’t into it.

I know the game isn’t like Street Fighter and the cast are all just female, but the premise and the gameplay I’ve seen as I played was really promising, fun, and creative. I know that the Arcana series is popular in Japan, but as someone who live in North America, I’ve only seen a few tournaments that host this game and what really made me upset is that it wasn’t present at Evo.

Are there any strong Arcana Heart players like me who want this game to have more hype and be in more tournaments.

What are your opinions and thoughts about this game and how much of a small impact it has in the North American fighting game community.

Also you apparently missed the BYOC tourney at EVO that had HeartNana and Frieda lol.

I’ve never heard of this game, please tell me more?


First of all, its not PSN exclusive. They are just being retarded and not releasing it on 360 in America. I just got my EU 360 disc today and after a few hours play, I love it already, even caused some salt with day 0.3 combos online lol

Anyway, if anyone wants to play on 360, my GT is: Mad Mistress

Have you ever heard of Blazblue? It’s like that but alot different, but this wiki and video will help you understand what it is. Note the cast in this game like I’ve stated above are all female



1: there’s a thread already that does this better
2: pgorath is trolling you