Arcana Heart 3 [Good & Bad Game, Discussion, Matchmaking] Thread

Please use this thread to discuss about the game and players. This is also a discussion about tips about the game.

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Helpful Sites

Is there a site that explains a little how the game plays as well as the characters? I downloaded the game yesterday but will not be able to play it until next week. My kids have “Turn off TV week” at thier school so no tv for me. :slight_smile:

At this moment, there is no website that I know off.

Much appreciated man. I just went to youtube and looked at some videos. Hopefully when I go online there will be enough people and forgiving people to not look down on those who have never even played this game. Looks interesting. Cant wait.

Is this game any good? Is it on PSN?

Movelists and everything

Main Page - Arcana Heart 3 Wiki

The game is pretty good. Not scrub friendly though. There’s quite a bit of a learning curve.

Hmmm well I just got Mortal Kombat so maybe i’ll wait on this one.

That is correct. This is not scrub friendly. The game is more like BB and GG.

Yeah, the game looks deep. Can’t wait to actually start messing with it. Looks like I will try Lieselotte, Maori, or Nazuna. I need a new game to really learn and be competitive. Hopefully the online community stays strong. And most importantly hopefully the netcode is good.

netcode is fine. mystic is streaming it right now

GGs to Beats. Crazy mix up and reset. Thanks for the links to improve my combo/execution.

You guys should link Mizuumi’s AH3 wiki for reference and etc - that place is hella useful.

I updated the first post with links.

Can someone hit me up with a estimate of the filesize? I have basic DSL and need to know if I’m better off downloading this while I’m sleep or not.

2.6gig is the filesize

If you have a 1-4 MB connection. Expect a 3+ hours download.

:wonder: Glad I have a 20mb connection… dood.

Took about 40 minutes on my end. The download was being over used D:

Not only that, I still have to wait for Sony to get their shit together with the servers. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow morning.

Don’t expect it anytime soon. Maybe Tuesday (latest), should be up and running.