Arcana heart 3(pc dump) controller dosent work


hi to all,im new here and i got issues with the arcana heart pc dump game,i can only use keyboards .
my controller works on yatagarasu game and marvel ultimate alliance .
for those who ask the controller is a ps2 with a usb converter.


Your post is very vague…
It says next to nothing to anyone in Tech Talk about your particular problem.
You have to be very specific when you come on board with a problem…

First of all, what are you trying to use to play the game on the PC?
Is it a joystick or a joypad?
If it’s a joystick, is it a Hori joystick OR another manufacturer’s?
Who made your USB converter? Not all USB converters are equal…

Secondly, what kind of computer are you using? Manufacturer name, model, type of processor, and what version of Windows?
How are you running the game on your PC…? It is emulated or was it ported for your particular version of Windows?

One thing your post does indicate to me is that your controller is working 2 out of 3 times… That most likely means that what you have is a program/hardware set-up issue.

There should be an options menu that lets you set up your controller. Before you can use a joystick with an emulator, you have to set it up within the emulator itself. Just plugging the joystick into a PC will generally not make it automatically work with any game. You have to set up the program to recognize the joystick. For example, within SNESx, there is a Submenu item called, “Input Configuration.” Within Input Configuration, you have to be sure that “Enabled” is CHECKED and that you have the “Controller” selection set to “Joypad #1” or “Joypad #2” or etc. Then you go through the menu checking to be sure that the directionals and buttons REGISTER correctly with your already plugged-in joystick.

For other programs, you have to be sure that the option labelled “Joystick” is CHECKED otherwise your control lever/joystick won’t work with the program you’re using!

Every program and emulator is set up a bit differently but the general principles are there whether you’re using a PC-ported game or running an arcade game in an emulator like MAME. Some game programs WILL accept a controller automatically but generally speaking you have to go through an Options menu and set programs up to use the joystick on your PC.

IF worst comes to worst, you can look for a third party game controller utility program. Joy2Pad and XPadder are two third party controller utilities that have freeware versions. You will have to create a profile for the joystick hardware within this third party program. You set it up so that joystick hardware emulates your keyboard… In other words, keyboard directional arrows correspond to joystick directions and numerical/alphabet keys correspond to your controller’s pushbuttons. A third party controller utility usually isn’t necessary unless you’re using an exotic controller to play a game.


I had AH3 on my laptop as well and Xpadder was the only way I could get my arcade stick to work on it.


i see so i need xpadder,thenks guys