Arcana heart 480p?

i remember seeing a thread where multiple people said arcana heart had 480p? i was trying to get 480p to work via triangle + x during start up and even looking through the options. can’t find anything?

does ah even have 480p or were those people just making junk up?

Not that I have seen. Only way is to get the Xploder HDTV to force 480p.

I’ve heard lots of different reports on this.
Apparantly if you care about 480p you are a morron.
Since you just checked I now regard this game as not having this mode.
Do you know of any other games that have this option that are not on this list?

I try to add new things on the list, but only few even care and just like to play with bleeding colors interlaced mess. I can’t just buy all the games myself.