Arcana heart and Guilty Gear AC in East San Jose

If you don’t mind the weather, then read what i can do for the community.
(sorry for my grammar)
I will commit to hosting a console lan party at my place almost every Friday. Need to awaken the arcana heart, and GGAC community in the bay area.

A) what i can supply list

1)play in the backyard (lots of room)
Day: almost every Friday
time: 8pm-4am

2)I can supply one ps3 and one dreamcast with two TV.
tv size are 1) H 12.5 inches W =16 Inches
2) H 8 inches , W= 11 inches
3) I can probably get maybe two more TV and use a computer
monitor for ps3
4) monitor h 12.5 inches W - 16 inches

  1. what games?
    Guilty gear XXAC
    Arcana heart

  2. I live by almost every store u can imagine, that within 1-2 miles 15 min walking or 5 min drive
    Carls’jr, taco bell, mcdonald, kfc, pizza hut,
    Liquod store, lucky, walgreen,
    bank of america and washington mutral

ummm, i think me and my buddie might be down for some marvel. where at in east san jose?

Wow u tell me now
will If you want to come, I don’t have a dreamcast with me, or ps2, all i ahve is ps3 with capcom vs snk2, guilty gear ac, and vf. If you have a dreamcast bring it and i will set up the tv outside reply quickly…
about the dreamcast, i was going to burrow my friend DC, but no one wanted to come so i didn’t brother asking

Sounds good, I’d like to get some guys to drive down for some Guilty Gear. By “backyard” and “weather”, you mean play outside? lol…

Next Friday on 20071019, the games would be most likely MvC2 and guilty gear xxac due to the popular of those games. Hopefully i can convert some of you to play Arcana Heart. Also i will post my address on wednesday

Sounds cool, I’ll be there for sure.

What happened to VF5?

Not enough tv, and i can’t find my dvi-M to Dvi-M to hook up a ps3 to a monitor, But soon i will buy another Dvi-m. to DVi-m cord. If your pondering about about akuma thing, something came up at the last minute.

I’ll be going with shobes, and I have a small ugly and scratched tv.

bring ur owned gear, i can’t supply everything even food or drinks probably water.

i’d like to come over if theres arcana heart going on

I’ll be driving down if it’s still happening and probably bringing 2 others with me for AC. (Want to check out Ah too. =D)

However, I haven’t seen an address yet, so I’m not sure if this is still happening. Does anyone know if it’s still going down?

I changed my mind on posting my address,
Aim me or send me a private message frist, Aim is g0tho
If you sent me a message before Oct 19 and ask for my address, but i didn’t give send me another one.
I need to get a picture on how big it is, so i don’t see one million people coming over

Hosting went well for a small group. i can have more people over, but probably need 2 more ps2. Next Friday will be just guilty gear ac and arcana heart. I would probably sell coke and beer also. If you want to attain aim or send me a private message.
Later on I would probably do ggac or arcana heart tournament, if i spent the time on how those works etc…

If someone know how to change the thread name please tell me how

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Arcana heart and Guilty gear AC in East San Jose