Arcana Heart art


So, like, this is the thread where you can dump your Arcana Heart pics. I’m sure they’re kind of wanted, to make some avs and stuff. Official and fanart is OK.






Mei Fang



Who is the artist behind these?

Also more Kamui plz~

(I’ll contribute to this later~)



Camel toe seems to be an important staple in AH artwork.

EDIT: I also agree with Chibi that those 2 images he quoted deserve recognition. Unique style.


Man, that is one hardcore oppai smash right there. :lovin:

btw i dont think this is saki…


:rofl: @ Fiona and Mei-fang XD

And no, that image Rob linked to isn’t Saki, she’s from an anime, Kanduki no Miko something or other.



Where’d they get all those Lucky Star portraits anyway?

More Kamui art Eric <3



I wish I knew. I found them on 4chan’s /c/… of all places.:confused:



Couldn’t find any of Kamui. :sweat:

Sites like Danbooru and Sagubooru should have some. Although I don’t have a Danbooru account and Sagubooru is down.


whoa now dont get too suggestive :confused:


Better than nothing.

Hey Master Chibi, you said you wanted more Kamui, right?



Not sure if I should put this one up, but it’s Yoriko so it doesn’t really matter.



the first couple of liese pics are HAWT~!!! D:


Running out of worksafe material, it’s getting hard to find good pics.


Thumbnails For Fucks Sake


Whoa, AH yuri = TOO BROKE~