Arcana Heart Edition Hori Real Arcade Pro for PS2

Should be coming out around the time Arcana Heart PS2 gets released in October. Looks pretty feminine, but I kinda like it.

You can always just take off the sticker with goo gone or something…

I’m getting it…looks like all sanwa already i hope.

the buttons are probably not going to be sanwa but the stick will be the sanwa JLF used on all the real arcade pros

i thought all real hrap’s after hrap1 used official jap layout on the inside six buttons? are we sure this is an hrap?

Nope, the Soul Calibur 3 RAP didn’t use the standard 1p layout. It used the old second player side of the old single candy cab panels that people know from the first HRAP.

Oh right with this, I’ll go update the HRAP FAQ.

EDIT: It’s really hard to tell from that pic, but man that button placement is FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED up. See my FAQ when updated for reasons why.

Looks like the T5 stick.

anyone know a price on this?

the button layout is supposed to be Capcom 4 button style(Choukou Senki Kikaioh, Cyberbots, Jojo’s, etc) since AH has a similar layout

looks good to me. as long as its easy to mod thats fine.

Most likely, the insides are gonna be like a CFE/SC3/T5 Hori. Just gotta desolder/resolder or crimp on disconnects and you’re good to go!

that’s what i was thinking, mostly because the button curve is identical to the t5 stick, but then that would make it the only hrap to not have quick disconnects for the buttons.

but yeah, shouldn’t be hard even if the buttons are stuck on the pcb.
never touched a soldering iron before ever and i was able to desolder the pcb today, no prob!

The only tutorial I’ve seen for modding the T5 (by armad1||0) involves sanding/cutting/dremmeling. If you have an easier solution, please let me know.



Actually, the CFJ, Japanese T5, American T5, and SC3 HRAPs don’t have quick disconnects.

Nope. You’ll have to do some work for it to fit Sanwa/Seimitsu stuff.

thats why i’m hoping this one will fit a sanwa without modification along with buttons without having to bust out the dremels.

oh okay, i thought i read differently in Superkings HRAP faq. but upon further inspection, turns out i’m slightly retarded.

only slightly…

EDIT:Price according to official website earlier in the thread is 8379 yen, which is about 73 bones…plus however much to import and shipping fees

how can i order this through the hori store?? or is it japan only? D:

from what i can tell (using google translate)

sounds like they (hori site)sold all the preorders, but might have more to sell on october 11

play asia seems to also have sold through all their preorders, check them on the 12, as the site says they might get more.