Arcana Heart FULL! Side Tourney @ Evo World - SIGNUPS @ 1PM SATURDAY 2~3PM START

Arcana Heart FULL! Side tourney @ Evolution 2008 (ran by me and Mizuki, if he’s willing and able)

$5 entry fee
2/3 matches, 3/5 for winners/losers/grand finals
Upon winning a match, you can switch Arcana selection, but not a character
Kamui Time Glitch (which doesnt let you tech for the rest of the match) and gamebreaking bugs ie freezing the game, are banned.

Time: To be determined. Could some of you guys post up and let me know what time is best for yall? Obviously we have Friday AND/or Saturday to run a tourney for AHF. I’ll decide the time based on the players input.

Also, I’ll be needing equipment. Since I’m going to Japan the day after Evo, I won’t be able to bring ps2/copy of the game etc. Mizuki said he’d help out with that, but any other confirmation of said equipment would be cool.

It would be nice to play WC peeps at Arcana, cause to the best of my knowledge, there has NEVER been a Arcana tourney on the WC…So I’d like to see what yall are about. I know there’s some talent out there. Any questions, post up!

One last thing, Arcana Heart 2 will NOT be at EVO 2008 due to Sp00ky not being able to get time off from work…and hes been doing too much traveling hurting his wallet, dude needs a break anyway.


seems interesting enough, dunno if i will enter since i am like OUT of practice lolz… we will see ^^ but hope to see this gets runned and goes well!

i’m pretty sure i won’t be there :expressionless:

at any rate, have fun guys

I’m in for the hell of it.

I’ll be sure to get in on this. There haven’t been any AHF tourneys over here, so my experience is limited to my circle. But I’ll do the best I can. As for time available, I’m not really sure yet even if I’m not entering any of the main events. My availability all depends on when the other side events are going down.

Maybe going to evo this year, not entirely sure. But if I do (i’ll let you know when I know for sure), you can count me in. I’ll bring a copy of AHF along with me aswell.

As of right now I’m bringing my PS2, and a copy of US Arcana (And JPN just incase.) Hopefully I’ll also be able to borrow my friend’s DVD recorder. I would love if people could donate blank DVDs, or even DVD RW and I can just put them on my laptop at evo and you can have your DVD RW back! If I can’t get that I’ll bring my camcorder, and will be able to encode them while I sleep and upload them the next day (If I can get a wireless connection, or good enough 3g signal on my phone.)

I won’t enter because I suck. But I’ll gladly donate equipment for the tourney.

I’ll enter it…i think sat would be good


noone cares

dont be a pussy and enter

support the damn community


Fair enough.

Zaido you have like…what…2 weeks to learn maori bbc loop? Orka just posted char specific stuff about her in the ah1 thread so yeah lol.

Stuart, thanks for changing your mind.

Mizuki: a/s/l thx. Why so serious.

Hf blade, cool, btw can you get white rob to come?

Chibi why so angry?

I hope I can get at least 16 ppl for this game that would be pretty sweet. If you’re scared to enter just ask me to play my secondary or something :stuck_out_tongue:


I want them out before West Toast videos :3

I’ll do my best to get W.Rob to come. I just wish he posted here more often or used aim. It’d be a lot more convenient for me to contact him. D:

fair enough, lets do this!!!

tell arturo to play maori or yoriko

speaking of which, what is the exact post or thread i can find those Maori stuff :o? or was it that last page on that one thread?

Fuck your secondary.

Rape with no mercy.

I can’t wait to fall asleep while watching this tournament.

/hate hate hate