Arcana Heart & Samurai Spirits Zero, Both for 15$ shipped + Other Bundle


EDIT: everything is now 1$ less than stated

Arcana Heart & Samurai Spirits Zero (NTSC-J) - both games for 15$ shipped


PS2 Action Games Bundle (NTSC) - 5 Games for 20$ shipped.

Armored Core Silent Line, Nanobreaker, Silpheed The Lost Planet, Bujingai, and Drakengard

Armored Core 4 Answer PS3 (Asian Version) also available for 10$ shipped


I’m interested in LB 1&2 Collection. Would you be able to ship to Canada? How much would shipping cost?


I’ll take Melty blood and last blade.


Does AC4A have english text?


^^^no it doesn’t


Payment sent for Melty Blood.


everybody’s stuff is in the mail


Thank you!


Up. Dropped the shipping charge. so everything is 10$ flat now.

BTW can someone explain to me how to edit titles?


ugh i keep looking at Psyvariar 2


^^^get it, it’s an awesome package. I wouldn’t be selling it but kind of need money at the moment. DVD has superplays of both characters.

Plus the game itself is rather awesome.


yea i know ive been adding to my import collection with don donpachi too


Up, lowered things a great deal. Added more.


lol did u sell Psyvariar 2?


Yea I did.


took a 1$ off everything. [media=youtube]BMFsJiAcELY[/media]