Arcana Heat

hey I just went to CF and saw that they had this new game Arcana Heat. I tried it out a few times (damn it costed so much lol. I spent like 5 bucks on that game). Anyway, I just wanted to know where i could find faqs on how to play the game, movelists, match videos etc etc. Thanks

that thread is like 70 pages. You expect me to go through all that? Well can you at least tell me which pages are the ones with the strategy and explanations and whatnot. I don’t feel like reading 70pgs of convos. sorry.

Stop being fucking lazy and read the fucking thread. Each page has info in it that you will want to read. You can’t skim-read or something?

and soon :wonder:


Heh I love Arcana Heat, its almost as good as Arcana Crack.

^^ No arcana heart section? someone get on that pls =P

Someone port that shit and I’ll be on it like that.

We will when we have able bodies.

Feel the heat.

Once I’m done with the course I’ll be all over that shit.