Arcane Pixel wants to create Primal Rage 2


Never heard of Arcane Pixel but color me interested:

They even went so far as to create a petition:

Unfortunately there is nothing said about the gameplay (the most important part) but it wouldn’t be the first time that an unproven developer created a great fighting game (KI).

Primal Rage reboot

“They want” is very different from “They will”

I mean, i want a number of things, doesn’t mean they will happen.


I saw videos of the build they made of Primal Rage 2.

It actually looked alright, I would hope that if they ever made the game it would be like that. But chances are that’ll be put aside for the sake of being edgy and violent.


I like dinosaurs. Why do 99% of fighting games have to be humanoid only? Boring.


The funny thing is they’ve already started building a game. I’m guessing if they can’t get permission to use the Primal Rage title they’ll simply change the name of the game.

Primal Rage 2 looked stupid, I can see why it got cancelled. I don’t want to fight with stinking human avatars, I want to fight as the giant freakin Dinosaurs!


OH GOD! Why I didint saw this before!!!

Replied and added the original PR producers! XD I hope they manage to acomplish something! I would be glad to help on testing, engine fine tunning etc!!!