ArcEye 2 LEDs - The Ultimate LED button mod!


UPDATE (June 12, 2012): ARCEYE LIVES!!

ArcEye3 Thread is HERE:

Following the success of Project Gouken / Arc-Eye LEDs, I’m pleased to present ArcEye 2!

ArcEye2 is an LED mod for your buttons. LED modding can be complicated. I’ve simplified it as much as possible, and created a unique circuit board that fits inside Semitsu 30mm screw in buttons (also fits Rollies, snap in Semitus with some dremeling ). Its designed to be as effortless as possible. That means no soldering required!

STATUS: SOLD OUT!!! Thank you for your support!

(Phreakazoid still has a small quantity of stock, as does Bencao74 for Europeans)


  • Fully assembled (no soldering) for 5v USB powered operation, common anode powered
  • Comes with pin headers and cable harnesses to allow easy plug and play of LEDs
  • Plug and play compatibility with Sparky PWM
  • Compatible with Semitsu PS-14-KN 30mm screw-in (snap ins with some dremmeling), and with Rollie

** $2 Each: header pins are NOT installed, minimum 16**
$3 Each: comes with header pins assembled
One needed per button (not included). With your order, you will get:

  • fully assembled circuit board with header pins
  • cable harness for plug and play operation with Sparky PWM
  • one button drill template per order (one additional for every additional 8 arc eyes ordered)

**Shipping: **(Please be patient, i am located in Canada)
Air mail (no tracking) = $8 flat. Usually takes around 2 weeks
International / Pickup: Please email me.
Shipping can be combined with Sparky!

1) Calculate the amount you need to send. Price = # of LEDs x price (see above), plus shipping
2) Send paypal payment to PURPLEARMS@GMAIL.COM with a note detailing:
A) How many you want
**B) **Your SRK handle
**C) **If ordering more than 8, please specify if you are doing a 6 or 8 button setups (so i can give you approprate set of header cables)
D) Anything else i need to be reminded of (i.e., will you be combining with sparky order etc)

Much appreciated if you send the money as a ‘gift’ instead of ‘goods’ or in Canadian dollars to help me save on outrageous paypal fees =D

1) Visit the Sparky PWM Website
2) Select your desired color schema using the website interface
3) Select ‘screw down terminals’ if you DON’T have Teasy / Teasy Strike.
4) Select ‘90 degree male pin headers’. This is REQUIRED for PnP connection to ArcEye2.
5) Select ‘20 pin header’ for connection to TEasy* / TEasy Strike**
6) Select ‘bundle with ArcEye2 order’ so that you are not charged for shipping.
7) Place your ArcEye2 order as per the instructions above, and add to the paypal note that you ordered a Sparky and would like to combine shipping.

  • If you have TEasy Strike, I have some 20 pin ribbon cables. Please ask if you need one.
    ** If you have original TEasy + Dualstrike, you will require a 3 headed 20 pin ribbon cable. Phreakazoid187 has these.

Here is a video of what Sparky PWM can do with ArcEye2:


Here is a video explanation of what ArcEye2, Sparky PWM and TeasyStrike are all about:



**Why does this cost more than other LEDs? Why buy from me?: **Because i’m not in this for the money, or making very much off of these. I’m using a higher quality LED than other products out right now that have copied my idea, These leds cost $1 more per board, last longer, and are more uniform in color. Also you are getting pin headers, a drill template, custom wiring harness. Also, I am the one who came up with this idea, spent countless hours designing and prototying, and put my own money on the line to bring these to market to make LEDs easy for everyone. So you will be supporting the innovator, not the duplicator :wink:

**So this makes it stupid easy and totally effortless?: **This mod greatly reduces the install difficulty. But keep in mind that this is still an inherently advanced and complicated mod. What i’ve done is save you the trouble of finding an LED, figuring out what resistors you need, how to mount them, how to solder everything and wire it cleanly etc. You still need to provide power and find a way control them, which will depend on your setup. This is where Sparky comes into play.

**Will this work on Semitsu Snap ins?: **Yes,if you dremmel the little pieces of plastic in the bottom of the button body. They’re right in the corner. Sait0u has managed to do this. Pics of his modification are in post #3

Do I really need a LED controller like Sparky? I highly recommend it. Why? Wired joysticks are powered by USB, which only provide a limited amount of current to power your devices. There just isn’t enough available to turn on every single LED at the same time unless the power is intelligently handled by a controller such as Sparky or FGWidget.

Can I use FGWidget? Sure. In fact, other people here have already done it with classic ArcEye V1, so it will work with ArcEye V2. Beware that FGWidget is only able to control one color per button, whereas Sparky is able to handle multiple colors.

**Ok, so how do i connect Sparky PWM to my joystick?: **If you have an xbox 360 Madcatz TE stick, Sparky is plug and play compatible with TEasy Strike, a plug and play dual mod board! For PS3 TE owners, or people not interested in a dual mod for their TE sticks, there is a mod under development to allow you to plug and play Sparky! It will be announced here.

**Can I connect Sparky PWM to Dual Strike / PS360 / Cthulu / Chimp / Other sticks?: **YES. A TE stick is not required. Sparky PWM will have screw terminals that you can use to connect to your button signals, ground, and power (which is as simple as a connection to the screw terminal of the mod of your choice). PLEASE VISIT THE SPARKY PWM THREADFOR MORE INFO.

Will this work with wireless joysticks / LEO / LEO2?: We will not officially support wireless setups. I will try to offer advice, but you’re largely on your own here. Wireless mods are more advanced and not recommended for novices, because power management and battery recharging are difficult to setup. I HIGHLY advise against a wireless or more advanced setup unless you know exactly what you are doing and what you are dealing with. If you really must have one, Gummowned is the man to talk to and he charges reasonable prices.

Wireless controllers generally work on a 3.7v battery source (which can be 3.9v fully charged), and Arceye2 is made to run at 5v. Therefore you cannot power Sparky/Arceye2 with a 3.7v battery. You might need a step up converter to convert 3.7v battery to 5v in order to power Sparky PWM (which will in turn provide 5v power to ArcEye2).

Something like this might work (this theoretically should work, but NO GUARANTEES): 5V DC to DC Step Up - VPack PCB - SparkFun Electronics

You probably will need a larger capacity battery too (LEDs are power hungry). These are the two I use: 2000maH (about 3x the capacity of standard ps3 controller battery and this 6AH monster that i personally use in project gouken (about 9x larger than a ps3 controller battery).

What is the difference between Sparky and Master Strike? Is MS plug and play?
Sparky is designed specifically to control LEDs. MS is designed to control power, and is not plug and play.

Will this work with Master Strike? Can I order one? :
There are still recharge issues with Master Strike due to the inefficiency of the PnP transistors, which has very low efficiency at low currents. This causes recharge times to be 10x longer. There is no coding support offered for masterstrike either, so you will have to know how to work with Atmel microcontrollers.

If you didn’t understand any of what I just wrote, then Master Strike is definitely not for you… sorry =(

**How easy is this to install?: **All that you require is a drill with a 1/16 inch drill bit. I will provide you with a plexi template to drill holes the base of your buttons. Don’t worry, its very easy! And after you have completed this, the LEDs themselves are very easy to install and don’t interfere with button plunger action. Combined with a wiring harness and sparky, you should be able to install this in under 30 minutes what it used to take hours and hours.

HELP! I’m afraid to drill! Don’t be afraid. The drill template makes it easy and marks the exact spot where you need to drill the hole. Check out the install instructions in post #2 and you’ll see how easy it is! Note that the drill template will usually last for a few installs before the drill bit enlarges the guide holes too much.

**Can I have some extra drill templates?**I will provide one drill template per order, and an additional one for every additional 8 arc eyes ordered. Any additional templates are $3 each (they actually aren’t cheap to make).

What do i need to make this plug and play with TEasy Strike and Sparky? You need a 20 pin ribbon cable to connect sparky to Teasy Strike. This does not come with Arceye2, Sparky, or TEasy Strike. You can soon purchase them on PHREAKMODS.COM

What do i need to make this plug and play with original TEasy? Since your ribbon cable is already connectiong Teasy to Dual strike, you need to split this. A special ‘Y’ ribbon cable will be available soon.

What if I have a non dual modded PS3 TE/S or a 360 TE/S stick? A Solution will be provided to this called SJC Strike. This is currently under development!

What if i have a PS360? You can connect sparky to PS360 via their respective screw terminals.

What if I have a Cthulu/Chimp? 32Teeth has an adapter board called the Spark Plug. See the sparky thread for more info.

What if I have a hori or any other stick? Its possible as long as its a common ground controller, but we do not plan to expand support beyond TE sticks at the moment (unless there is demand - let us know!).

What if I want LEDs but don’t want to do any work, or if my setup is not covered here? We’ll try to provide advice where we can, but maybe a joystick mod service is a better choice for you. I highly recommend Gummowned’s modding service.He carries Arceye2 and knows how to mod just about anything![/media]

Can I get a different header cable? How do i make my own?
Thats the tricky part… custom cable headers / harnesses are not cheap to make unless in big bulk… But here is what you can do… first, buy a bunch of female / female pre crimped wires from pololu:

Second, buy one of these housings… the pre-crimped wire will fit into those headers, and voila… instant custom header…

Paewang Revolution (Mayflash) Modding Tutorial ver. Laugh [Lots of pictures]
The Beginners guide to planning a Mod like a Pro
First time modder
Info Thread: Rules, FAQs and Tutorials Inside. (READ THIS BEFORE HITTING THAT NEW THREAD BUTTON!)
Arc-Eye / Project Gouken - ARCEYE2 IS ARRIVING!
Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

General arceye2 install instructions

DISCLAIMER: I will try to help you the best I can with installation advice, but I make absolutely NO GUARANTEES and assume NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY for any damage that may happen to your setup, regardless of fault. This is an enthusiast product made by a fellow amateur modder, intended to help reduce the difficulty associated with LED installation, but don’t forget that the nature of this mod is inherently complicated and therefore risky!!!


STEP 1:** Read through this post and verify that you have all the items needed!**

What your ArcEye2 package will contain:

  1. Arc Eye 2.0 PCB, fully assembled with pin headers
  2. Short 100mm RGB cable harness (5 for an order of 6, or 7 for an order of 8)
  3. Long 450mm RGB cable harness (one per set of 6 / 8 arc eyes)
  4. Long 450mm black 1 pin female jumper cable (one per arc eye)
  5. Plexiglass drill template (one per order, or one per set of 8 if ordered in large quantities)


  1. Drill with 1/16 inch Drill bit
  2. Saftey glasses to protect your eyes from flying plastic while drilling!

Highly Recommended Items:

  1. Hot glue gun (my preferred method) OR masking tape
  2. Scissors, to cut the masking tape (not required if using hot glue gun method)
  3. Zip ties
  4. Zip tie anchors

Optional Items:

  1. Pencil or spring loaded center punch to mark the drill holes
  2. Clamp to hold your top panel down while drilling
  3. A little bit of sandpaper (optional, 100-200 grit recommended)


STEP 2:** Prepare your joystick for modification:**

  1. Disconnect your joystick top panel: remove quick disconnect wires from all punches and kicks and joystick
  2. Remove the joystick handle from the joystick top
  3. Install new buttons (if applicable)
  4. Make sure your buttons are all aligned, tightened down, and the clips are on the sides

STEP 3:** Remove the switches from your buttons. Prepare for drilling: **

  1. Separate the switches from the button caps
  2. Re-insert just the switch into light punch and light kick
  3. Wedge the plexi template into place
  4. Place a scrap piece of wood onto your table if you dont want to accidentally drill a hole into it
  5. Clamp down the top panel (upside down) to the table

STEP 4:** Drill your buttons using the plexi template (Semitsu PS-14-KN 30mm screw ins are covered in these instructions):**

  2. Get your drill ready with a 1/16 inch drill bit
  3. Place the drill bit into the hole (try to drill from as perpendicular an angle as possible)
  4. squeeze the trigger and carefully push the drill bit in
  5. after drilling all the holes, fold the sand paper in half and clean out the plastic bits
  6. clean the plastic bits off of the drill bit
  7. remove the switch from the button, and place it into the next button to be drilled

NOTE: For Semitsu snap in buttons, you need to dremel out the little “fins” on the inside of the cup, right where the side meets the bottom. Saitou was kind enough to provide a pic (check out his install pics in post #3):


STEP 5:** Prep Arc Eye 2 for install:**
There are two methods to mount the ArcEye2 onto the switch:


  1. Put a small dab of glue onto the underside of the ArcEye2 circuit board, right by the pins
  2. Slide ArcEye2 down the colar of the switch. Press and hold until the glue dries (be mindful of alignment)
  3. Insert the newly glued ArcEye2 + switch back into the button housing


  1. Take some masking tape and cut a strip long enough to wrap ONCE around the center post
  2. Wedge Arc Eye 2 onto the collar, all the way to the bottom. Make sure the pins are on the opposite sides of the clips
  3. adjust the position of Arc Eye 2 relative to the switch so that the edges are perpendicular
  4. insert the switch into the newly drilled button

STEP 6:** Connect the cable headers**

  1. Take note of where the common pin is. It is the 4th pin on the 4 pin header, and is the lone offset pin when compared to the 3 pin header. The pin immediately next to it will be red, followed by green, and blue. The 3 pin header opposite of it has the same color order. Plug in the color coded RGB 3 pin cable header.
  2. Plug the black single pin cable heaeder into the common pin
  3. Plug the long RGB 3 pin cable header into the last (or first) button
  4. Zip tie the short RGB cables around the switch body, to help control the ‘rats nest’ of wires.


STEP 7A:** Connect ArcEye2 harness to Sparky PWM**

Please review this instructable until I have time to make more videos:

STEP 7B:** Connect Sparky PWM to varius setups:**


Required Item:
20 pin ribbon cable to connect Teasy Strike to Sparky PWM (doesn’t come with Sparky/ArcEye2/Teasy Strike, but you can order one from


Required Item:
20 pin ribbon cable with extra header to daisy chain Sparky and Dualstrike (available on

Connecting ArcEye2 to FGWidget:


ArcEye2 HALL OF FAME:rock:

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Kyored: Viewlix


Kubebot: Voltech VAS-HG EX


Sait0u: ArcEye2 in PS-14-K Snap ins!

32 Teeth PS360, Sparky Jr, AE2, Project FatalityCase:

Mufasa2: Chimp, Sparky PWM v1, Arceye2, MVC3 Stick, Semitsu Smokes






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I’m not ready to reveal details about the new Arc Eye just yet because there are already a few products out in the wild that are based on my first design.
Principally, the design of v2.0 is finished. I’m doing prototype testing and working out the costs right now, before i can make a decision on what direction this will go in.

I promise you all that I have a potential ace or two up my sleeve :wink:


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Do you have any idea when these will be ready for the public? I was planning on getting some Arc-Eyes for the stick I am building from the shops that still have them in stock until I saw this thread. I will definitely be getting some as soon as they are done.


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Arc eyes are in the final prototype phase, so I would think these wont be out for at least a month or two. But don’t hold me to that… sometimes shit happens =D