Arch Nemeses



So who is someone that you constantly battle whether you like it or not?  IE: They will run with you all day if you are hosting a room.<div><br></div><div>Mine:</div><div>MCHATERZ (Oni, Gouken, Ryu)</div><div>H2OAvenger (Akuma)</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>


REDSOX04-05 (Adon) can be inconsistent but he’s vicious and Adon is kryptonite<br>BbqCamelLips (Gief) he’s MIA though<br>o0__SkyAkuma__0o (Gouken) Play this guy!!! At some point you WILL yell at your tv, your controller, psn, capcom, or some combination of those.<br>ViperGoomba (Gouken) He’s psn’s (North America only?) #1 G-Man for a reason.  I want to see inside the matrix.<br>shindaigo2 (Ryu)  use to be named chevystreets<br><br>There are others but I don’t have my list of names…<br>I’m looking for a good Balrog player to get in some consistent practice with but whenever I find one, they disappear.<br><br><br>


Latif :I’ve in done well vs his Alts but have yet to beat his CV…and haven’t played him forever. We do have green bars btw.

Wolfkrone: haven’t beaten him since super last win was vs porkloaf in srk stream. Done just fine vs his yang and alts. Yellowbars need I mention.

IPeru: wish I could get a 10 or 5set w him. I’ve done decent vs his fuerte and way better vs his alts. Green bars.

There is something I am guilty of when playing alot of pros online…it’s like an inverted trolling. you only see top level players in short duration generally.

So why not let them teach you as much as possible by allowing them a few knockdowns or let them pressure you til you’re forced to play only defence or backed into a corner?

I often do this, I feel it teaches me alot about my game and consequently more about theirs in a very inadvertent way.

Haven’t really got mowed in a while but
definitely have a score to settle with the first two! Lol!


Ah I would have to say PR Balrogs Fei - dude has INCREDIBLE spacing and that combined with the fact that Fei commands space in front of him anyway…its really a tough match for me personally. <div><br><div>AquaSilk - master of mix up imo. You get so scared of U2 that you dont move and he SPD’s you to death. Dude guesses right almost everytime. The ONE time you backdash he’s protecting the skies. </div><div><br></div></div><div>Blanka with yellow bars - Climaxter you already know how I feel about this! Lol. Fuckin S Tier man.</div><div><br></div><div>Any Yun - Dude I lose to 1000bp Yuns. That character is just super safe and a pain in my ass. </div><div><br></div><div>Oh and this guy I just met Vortex Sz (XBL) - he’s a Fuerte player and a MEAN one at that. Mixes up everytime and has incredible execution. He consistently armor cancels safe dive kicks into U2. He can also U1 out of run on reaction to a fireball. When we fight I believe I take the majority of the matches but I literally want to kick my tv throughout the whole set. </div>


Are any pros on PSN?  I feel sleighted not ever having the chance to play anyone solid.  Best people I’ve ever played are ViperGoomba and Deltron2020.


Fucking Cammy man, seriously… I’m used to have a fair matchup with this tanga wearing cunt since I mostly played DeeJay before and she can’t really herp derp your wakeup because of upkicks. But with Gouken, I’m getting destroyed by basic throw/dp/CS mixups all day. I know the matchup but it’s such a frustrating match because she has 500 ways of landing combos where you have to predict every single error/stupidity she does and counter accordingly. It also doesn’t help that i miss my sweep->safejumpor front throw->safejump most of the time

Matchup in AE: Gouken vs Cammy

I dont think there are. 360 is just the better console for fighters because of PS3’s input lag. I play on both consistently and I literally have to take about 30-40 minutes to adjust to the slowdown in input for combos and such when switching from 360. And we play Gouken, I would imagine its unbearable for people who play maybe Sakura, Abel or E. Ryu who rely on 1 frame links.


I do okay with Sakura on PSN. It’s all in the adjustments. I played on a 2ms lag HDTV with no gaming preset for the longest time that it affects my timing on lagless monitors.


same here, but some days i adjust faster than others and some days my hands are just like “because fuck you, that’s why”. i try to stay away from playing on psn but i have friends on there so it can’t be helped. imo the upside to playing on psn and their input delay is that you can adjust to whatever lag you get on xbl pretty easily.


MCHATERZ and I run games pretty often too, his Oni crushes my Gouken but I can usually take majority off of any of his alts (he must have 10+ characters that are over 10kbp). Sometimes he sends me messages about how I tend to try and zone him, but I can never tell if he’s just commenting or a little salty over it. JJSky, how do you fair against his Oni?

Couple others that I regularly run into during random ranked play:

  • Trilapino (Boxer)
  • OnlineGarbage (Guile) Who has managed to adapt to my Gouken play style frustratingly well)


I actually do better against his Oni than I do vs Ryu or some of his other alts.


I recently played MCHATERZ and from what I remember, I took most of the matches. He sent me the typical anti-Gouken spam message about how I’m good at running. I replied that he plays Gouken so…wtf? Does he just rush in blindly and pound on buttons? NO, because I beat his Gouken and he did not. He zoned. I’m actually sick of the childish shit people send me and the childish attitudes and the childish way people play. If I win by keeping you out, I’m not running, I’m outplaying you. If you lose because you can’t close the gap, you didn’t give me any damned reason to do anything else. That’s easy mode Gouken and if I can win with little effort, I will. I can guarantee you I do not just sit in the corner and throw fireballs and jump back all match, every match…like half the Kens/Ryus/Akumas do. It just bothers you when I DID do that for a bit…so you focus on that…not when I stick and move, in and out, slowly bloodying your dumb fuck face until you lose or until I get a big combo and then you lose. Fucking big bunch of assholes playing this game lately.


LOL!!! “dumb fuck face” hahaha…priceless


fuck you stole my line!!! hahahah i was gonna say that!!! hahahahhahahahaha


I think I misread this thread lol. I thought it was saying who frustrates you the most and is an arch nemesis. Reading the thread correctly umm I would have to say…

Climaxter - we’ve been playing a lot lately and he’ll go as long as I will. He’s been adapting to some of my tricks so its getting harder and harder. But it proves to be a challenge to me now to adapt to his adapting lol

OnlineGarbage (Guile) on PSN - he’s an old arch nemesis and will continue to lose as long as I will allow him lol

TheFURY215 - #1 Rose on PSN and #11 Akuma. We go a lot as well and have a ton of endlesses. He also plays Seth, Cammy and Sakura

TigerKing77 - #1 E. Ryu and #4 Oni. We’ll go all night but he’s in the UK I believe so the connection is always shaky. But as long as I hit fight he will.

xWax Solid - he normally gets on at about 2am EST. We’ve ran many many times from 2 till about 5…many many nights. He will only play Sakura against me though. I have yet to play that godlike Ryu.

Martinez will run with me forever too


How is Solid’s Sakura?


Solids Sakura is MEAN. He’s a good player and not just a Ryu. Frame traps, spacing, its crazy. And he rushes down.