I searched and didn’t see a thread for this show. I was very suprised. I think the show is damn hillarious and thought a lot of people on here would watch it and have a long thread about it already. Did anyone else watch the opening season and just love it like I did?

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I have yet to have watched anything from this show besides the pilot episode, and for that I feel bad.

First off, it’s produced by a guy who worked on Frisky Dingo & Sealab 2021, two shows I enjoyed.

Second, the animation style is similar to Frisky Dingo.

Last but not least, it’s got the guy who did Coach McGuirk on Home Movies (H. Jon Benjamin), Aisha Tyler & Jessica Walter (Arrested Development’s Lucille Bluth) doing the voices of the main characters.

Anyone know if it’s up on Hulu or am I better off searching for a download of the season?


All I’ve heard about this show was the good VA cast, but I only learned about it a few days ago.


All you need to know is that it’s Stir-friday.

Great season, I think the finale was a bit of a let down compared to the rest of the season, but still funny.

Also, I think FX might show them on their website? Can’t check now because I’m at work.



I love the show.

I KNEW there had to be a connection to sealab 2010 because the humor is very similar (as well as the animation). I use to love watching some sealab back in the day.


Just watching the show now on youtube. I like it!!


Been following the episodes I missed on hulu. Series gets my approval:tup:


ah, made by a guy who worked on sealab? when i first watched it i thought it was an adult swim show. now it all makes sense. loved it, 10000x better to watch when high.


Yea cuz your in the DANGER ZONE!


I totally have to agree with you on all of that


Caught me by surprise. I was kinda half watching it when I was over at a friends house until I heard the line “They are not Call Girls when they’re dead, Cirill. When they’re dead they’re just hookers”. I think I spit out perfectly good beer when I heard that. I quickly downloaded every ep out (shame there are only 10 this season) and lawled.

I think Jeffery Tambor (George Bluth Sr.) also cameoed for a few episodes too. Heh, Jessica Walter essentially plays her Arrested Development character for her part in Archer. So awesome <3


omg archer…
had me laughing so hard i almost died. for real.


I love this show…fucking hilarious.


That episode is one of my favorites

Does anyone know anything about if they are going to do another season of this? I hope it’s not one of those one season wonders since it wasn’t too popular.


According to Wikipedia, it was picked up for a second season. Unfortunately we have to wait until 2011 to see it :sad:


Damn. At least it gets one though. Very deserving imo


wtf why so long…the show is made on damn flash why sooo long!!! love this show.


holy crap this show rules

i hated on it during the pilot but man i was wayyy off


In the DANJAH zoooooooooonnneeeeeee!