I’m a new Urien player looking for videos. I was wondering whether someone could direct me to the best place for a new player trying to learn.


[note: Although I am new to playing Urien, I have been playing 3s itself for a long time and therefore understand tiers + U’s matchups etc. Basically I’m looking for info on B&B combos, charge/partitioning as well as matches to see how the character is played].

(PPS: Who is the best Urien player in existance today? Jap or non Jap)


you should check out RX’s wanted vids, they showcase all the cornerunblockables on all characters. i think there is a link in one of the stickys

as for the best urien, i would say RX, just becouse he is so fun to watch, a new setup/unblockable every time :lol:

I think most people would agree that RX is the best Urien player around. He is certainly one of the best. I would recommend searching “RX” at You?ll find the wanted vids there as well as some of his matches. Searching ?Urien? there might also be helpful.

 Ranbat 20060304 can be found at  This tournament includes three different Urien players: Senaka, Ack, & Pierre.

 Ranbat 20060415 at is another good download.  It features both RX and Pierre getting far in the tournament.

Lastly, the 3rd strike section of the Match Video Archives at does contain a number of Urien matches. Unfortunately these vids do not seem to be accessible at the moment. You may want to check back at the site in a week or so.