Archiving Stick Pictures in photobucket account

so my idea is:

To upload all stick pictures that are in the custom stick gallery

Making it more organized and well archived

Now ill need peoples help
i dont want ONE person doing all of it
its a long tedious task of 100+ pages

if someone wants to help out i can have you do like 5 pages and itll help alot

if you look through the album now i created some folders where the pictures would go

lets say i wanted to add a picture of one of byrdos sanwa sticks

custom built sticks -> sanwa sticks

and there we would make a folder for each builder

if it was a a dreaded fist stick it would go

custom built sticks -> happ sticks and a folder with his name and all the happ sticks he made

hope this is clear i havent had lunch yet and its very hot folks

post any questions and thoughts


i also want to add pictures and graphics that help the stick building process
sorta like

[] blueprints
] button layouts
[] pad hacking shit
] stick templates[/LIST]
etc etc

mmmm if its a public account someone could easily sabotage it and change the password.

i wont allow ANYONE in the account

only people that post here alot and i know they wouldnt fuck shit up

why not brew up a wiki

well the srk wiki has a whole hardware section

we could add to that.

I didn’t know that there was a wiki. I just go straight to the forums all the time. How about adding a link to the wiki in the header like between the Member List and Calendar.


i could do some pages if need be. :slight_smile:

I like the Wiki idea

I’ll do some to. It’ll keep me busy on those days that I’m fricken bored and just playing CS =)

Edit: BTW, I don’t think Wiki is that great of an idea since there seems to be a shitload of spam whenever I visit those pages. I mean, just look at the hardware section. 7/8 of the page is filled with random links.

I was planning on making a photo site for stick photos. I have the dedicated server space, a photopost license and everything for it. photopost would be best because that way users can have individual accounts with their photos and you can tag sticks by color, type etc. I am willing to collaborate on it. I am a professional web/multimedia developer… well director actually… I manage a team of developers.

oooooooooo coooool

im going to be advancing my career in that direction
im in school now

ill pm a little later and see what we can do

you need to log in to edit the wiki?

wiz said he was cleaning up the wiki too maybe shoo can pm him about that

I got rid of the spam for now. Don’t know how to edit a wiki much so Imma go look at that. Do wikis use BBcode? If they do then it should be cake.

great great… the people helping this will all go to heaven for sure :wink:

ok. yeah this is definitely needed. One place to easily browse, search for specific types and upload your stick pics. Im with that.


How to share friends for my pictures show?

oh man.

im at school and LOLING

that did not translate well at ALL

If you mean that you want others to be able to see your pictures, you need to change the settings of the album. At the moment it is set to private so only you can see it when you log in. Hope that helps!

thanks Billygoat. I got understand it.

I don’t give you number my password. that’s private. yeah crap!

opips2: go to account options->(edit my album settings)
and change the
my album is: “Private”

to “public”