Are abels challenges comparatively easier?

Now first before you get defensive, I am NOT bashing Abel. I am not saying he is easy to use or whatever. I am simply asking about his trials.

So I am a Ryu player, albeit not a very good one. I can however finish all of Ryu’s trials. His trials are actually the only ones I can finish. Well recently I’ve been trying to look for a secondary character because I don’t like fireball wars. So I’ve been going through the trials of each character to see which skill set / combos I like. I am at Abel and I am completing most of his trials on the first or 2nd try (I can’t even do that with Ryu).

So my question is: Are these trials any indication of how I would play Abel in matches?

No, they just show you some combos and links you can do

His trials really have nothing to do with how he plays…

Watch some Abel videos to get an idea of how he is played.

Akuma’s and Gouken’s are the easiest ive done (hardly any linking)
Abel’s 5th is really the only challenging one

get to trial 5 and report back…

Abel’s trials are tough but they introduce you to a couple of his B&Bs
the F+MK, standing fierce, change of direction one is most important. Trial 5 is ridiculous and useless.

The trials for anyone are an indication for how they play the same way hitting a punching bag is an indication of how you’ll handle yourself in a bar fight.

Videos and player matches are the way to go imo.

trial 5-the only stupid thing about trial 5 is s.HP into MEDIUM cod. I don’t see why you’d just do a HP after it. it’s good to learn the f+mk link though.

I have a hard time doing Medium CoD also. What I do, instead is Step Kick -> s. FP xx Fierce CoD, FADC, low strong xx Strong CoD, FADC, Step Kick-> s. FP

That still counts as passing the trial, and it’s easier for me.

ha… thats how i did it too.

and trials wont teach you how to play a char but it will show you some of the tools wich you will need in battle.

Uhh, no. Not an indication of how you’d play him.


His were actually the first trials I completed. Hard 5 took me a very long time. But it’s kind of an important link and on the whole, his trial combos are actually pretty useful.

Whoever said Trial 5 is useless, is wrong.

It works as another mindgame, implemented when you combo into a hit while they’re forced to be blocking–meaning you have the potential to cancel into a TT instead of continuing the combo. This could mean: more damage, stun, ala less scaling and more confinement and conservation of your ultra.


Trial 5 is useful for teaching you the step kick to st.HP link, as mentioned. You’ll typically cancel the st.HP into HP CoD and end it there, though (or spend 2 bars to get ultra as per trial 3), but the complete trial as it’s shown won’t be used in a match.

Trial 3 and 4 are useful and applicable in matches. Doing CoD FADC cr.HP (into ultra or some form of skyfall) is the first combo you should learn as Abel.

Like someone said.The trial just give you an idea of what each character can combo /mix up into.

The most easy trial’s was definitly blanka for me.

I’m at hard trial 4, that damn roll after c.fp is killing me. I think I got the hang of it, can’t wait until I get to trial 5! :frowning:

^^^in trial 4, as soon as you c.hp start the roll command.

my problem in 4 was that I would do the roll and hit the super all of the time instead of FS. After I’d c.hp and do the roll, I had to be more patient with the command input.