Are all Madcatz 360 wired controllers common ground

I tried searching, but have had problems finding answers.

Are all the Madcatz wired controllers common ground?

If not, how do we know which ones are?

Help would be appreciated… :slight_smile: or search the pad hacking thread.

i don’t know the first thing about wiring, so looking at a picture of a circuit board no matter how well labeled won’t help me…

I would assume someone might have assembled a list and how to tell…

and its called SLAGCOIN.COM!

Get one of these or one of these (GameStop on the handle). Both are CG.

so, just go to GS and look for one of those?

I actually just bought a wired ms 360 controller off ebay for $15… but if I have issues with that, i’ll try a GS one…

Yeah, I’ve bought a few of those at GameStop. They’re $25 and are easy enough to work with.

yeah… i was thinking $25 would be good, but $15 was too good to pass up for genuine MS mediocrity…

now I think I’ll send it to modchipman since I have no idea how to hack the pad… lol

I’m assuming there is a thread on here that goes step by step, but I haven’t found it via search… it’d have to be very easy as I am an electrical n00b… and can hardly solder… :frowning:

If you can solder then you can hack a pad. You just look up the pad on Slagcoin and wire it like it’s shown in the diagram. I’m not trying to claim that it’s easy, but it’s easier than people make it out to be.

I’d suggest trying it yourself, I hacked up my first pad about a week ago with no previous soldering experience and it has been working fine so far. As long as you have a soldering iron and a screw driver you should be fine!