Are all madcatz TE sticks out of production now?

i noticed on the site everything is sold out or backordered except the mvc3 and chun-li -s edition stick

Yes, those sticks have been out of production now. Technically both the Chun-Li TE and MvC3 TE are out of production, because they are both limited edition. Madcatz stopped producing sticks due to the heavy amount of flooding the production had oversaturated the market, meaning, they had to sell TEs at $100 with free shipping just to cut costs and get them out the door.

wow pricks…you happen to know anywhere else i can buy a TE?

Anywhere across the internet, really. Amazon, eBay,, there’s just too many places to list. The Trading Outlet forum here on SRK usually has great deals from time to time, so definitely look there. Sometimes you can also find modded TEs or full customs at comparable prices!

What is wrong with the MVC3 or Chun Li TE?

They are all basically the same with minor differences.

I’m wondering why you waited till now to get one. They where on sale for $99 plus shipping like 20 times last year.

Well if you are looking for a good stick for xbox 360 jump on the HRAP VX

Yeah, the TE’s seem to be very hard to find right now for anything less than full retail price…

I searched pretty hard this whole week, ebay and craigslist, for a good deal. Found a NIB Round 2 at a Gamestop 50 miles away, and the local Gamestop had them ship it to their store. Just picked it up today. $129, feel very lucky!!

Get the Chun TE if you have the chance, it’s arguably the best version, especially for PS3.

Yea supposedly the Chun-Li and the “S” versions of the stick have the new updated PCB (basically, better parts inside the stick). I’d go for the Chun-Li if you care about having the latest most up to date model. If not, just snag one off Craigslist or Ebay.

You know what happens when they run out of TEs, right? :smiley:

nooo, really? Why do I have to be broke. I saw the very sexy, chunny stick at a store near me, and they had 2 for each system

MarkMan, deliver more teasing shots kthnx :bgrin:

Anyone know what the next line might be? Price etc?

i need a TE stick in toronto…i don’t think i’ll find one.

probably not, i’m sure there are a few in cragislist though last time i checked chuu

well, went back as far as the 7th on craigslist, one was $70, probably has PCB issues. One was $140, guy copy pasted the TE description, don’t know if it’s used or new. And the last, the guy wants $200 for it. bleh. Finding my buddy a TE might be harder than expected.

Underneath all this text, there’s a nextag advertisement that sells TEs. Funny.

Amazon still has the LE BlazBlue TEs for $129. Just takes a while to ship

Also ships sticks to Canada now will ship BlazBlue TEs to Canada as well.

Been looking for a good deal for weeks now :frowning: