Are all the versions of Street Fighter II considered different games or the same game?


You know how there’s Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter II, etc.? Are they all considered the same game, or are they all considered different games? In my opinion, they must be considered the same game. Because they all share the base game code…I think?


They’re all versions of the same basic game but they’re all so different in terms of what styles of play are best and which characters are the most successful at what they do. So while they may share the same (or similar) basic code, they’re pretty different games.


Its like saying all the versions of SF4 are the same game, or SF Alpha, or SF 3, or Guilty Gearr XX ect.

The only version of SF 2 worth playing nowadays is Super Turbo anyway. Some die hards stuck with Hyper Fighter for various reasons, but its because ST was so different from previous versions.


There’s a bigger difference between versions of alpha and 3 than 2 and 4


I would consider them all different games based on a lot of the same criteria as DoctaMario said, but I think in a strict technical sense you could actually make an argument that they are 2 different series once the switch was made from CPS1 to CPS2 boards since there were significant changes made to the “engine”. Also you could add a 3rd “series” based on supers, since they dramatically changed how the game was played.


Actually think alpha, 2, and 3 are much closer than any of them to 4. 4 doesn’t even capture the feel of the series, and is such a sluggish game.


what I meant is all the Alpha games are quite different from each other, as are the SF3 games. SF2 and 4 in comparison are similar through each of their respective iterations.

IOW you can make a sound argument that all the SF2 versions are different versions of the same game. can’t say the same for Alpha or 3.


All videogames within a genre are essentially different versions of the same game.



I disagree actually. I think Hyper Fighting is the definitive SF2 game because it’s PURE SF2 rather than SF2 with weird supers and “throw softening” involved. It’s arguably better balanced too. I like ST, but I find HF a lot more fun and a better game overall.


Each of those versions have versions of themselves, so they are separate games, just like Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Mortal Komabt 3 for example