Are any new models of fightsticks comin out soon


I noticed all madcatz sticks are out of stock everywhere and most hori sticks so are any new madcatz or hori sticks coming out soon?


supposedly MadCatz has one in the works there is no date could be next month or 11 months from now if there is one coming you will know it. Information will be posted way in advance. Have you spent anytime reading this forum? This forum has a sticky that is posted on here and will stay on the first page that there is a sale on TE’s at Madcatz website look there it will stay there till the sale is over there is no need to start a thread to shoot the shit there is a sticky for that as well.


Did you see the release for the Marvel vs Capcom 3 stick? If you’re comfortable ordering online, Marvel vs Capcom 3 - GameShark Store Can’t tell you about local availability.

If you like the TE R2, see (stickied)

Locally, I have no idea where you are, but I’m guessing you’ll have trouble finding one until the MvC3 excitement dies down.

Good luck.