Are any of the top players on umvc3 online leaderboards competing in the tournament scene?

or are they a bunch of irrelevent guys.

Would Naoko Chan 21 (PSN’s best) school Combofiend(godlike) in a first to 5?

Well last time i checked on xbl Dios X is #1. Viscant is also up there in the top 3 or 4 I think. Further down the list Honzo Gonzo, OMG Itz Andre and Flocker are in the top 50 (don’t remember their exact placement though). Probably a couple of others too but that’s all I remember at the moment.

It depends. Online lets you experiment and get matchup experience. But if you are an otherwise good player that has a mixup which is online only(lag dependent) that is scoring your victories then unless you know how to play without it you will lose. If you can’t beat morrigan/missiles online you won’t beat it offline though.

Dios X was on the top of the leader boards last time I checked and I think he was in Bar Fights. He lost to Noel Brown : /